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The Web is the normal name for the World Wide Web, a subset of the Internet comprising of the pages that can be gotten to by a Web program. Many individuals expect that the Web is equivalent to the Internet, and utilize these terms reciprocally. In any case, the term Internet really alludes to the worldwide organization of servers that makes the data sharing that occurs over the Web conceivable. Along these lines, albeit the Web makes up an enormous part of the Internet, they are not one and the same.

A Web application is an application program that is placed away on a distant server and passed on over the Internet through a program interface. Web developer services are Web applications by definition and many, albeit not all, sites contain Web applications. Any website part that fills some role for client satisfaction qualifies as a Web application. Web applications can be intended for a wide assortment of purposes and can be utilized by anybody; from an association to a person for quite some time. Ordinarily utilized Web applications can incorporate webmail, online adding machines, or web-based business shops. Some Web applications can be simply gotten to by a specific program; regardless, most are open no matter what the program.

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A web developer is a software programmer or a coding expert who has a specialty in developing mobile applications with the help of a client-server model. These applications basically utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages for typing and it utilizes PHP, C#, Python, Node JS as a server. HTTP is utilized for the communication between the user and the server. Web developers can be front-end developers, back-end developers, or full-stack developers and we at Frantic Infotech provide all these web developer types with more than years of experience. Our company comprises of India’s best mobile app developers. Web content management systems can be used to create and conserve web apps.

How does web application work developed by Frantic team?

Web applications don’t need to be downloaded since they are gotten to through an organization. Clients can get to a Web application through an internet browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. For a web application to work, it needs a Web server, application server, and a database. Web servers deal with the solicitations that come from a client, while the application server finishes the mentioned job. A data set can be utilized to store any required data. Web applications normally have short improvement cycles and can be made with little advancement groups. Mostly Web developer company in India utilizes JavaScript, HTML5, or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) languages to write code. Client-side programming normally uses these dialects, which assist with building the front-finish of an application. A server-side writing computer program is done to make the contents a Web application will utilize. Dialects like Python, Java, and Ruby are regularly utilized in server-side programming.

Difference between the internet and World Wide Web

The principal distinction between the Internet and the Web is the order of their creation. The Internet became slowly out of activities like ARPANET, which laid out a bundle exchanging association in 1969. The World Wide Web just traces all the way back to 1991, when Tim Berners-Lee drove the formation of the primary Web page involving HTML as well as HTTP.

The Internet was initially made to assist with sharing scant PC assets by permitting remote time-sharing so more individuals could utilize the current PCs, accordingly encouraging the advancement of the new field of software engineering. In 1971, Ray Tomlinson made a utilitarian email program that add another angle to the Internet and immediately became one of the essential ways individuals utilized it. Different developments, for example, newsgroups, Internet pretending games, conventions to move records, and so on, then, at that point, followed.

Internet and WWW

The World Wide Web (WWW, or Web) can be considered one more advancement on the Internet. The Web made it workable for individuals to get to data on Web pages and explore through them. They didn't have to demand admittance to a machine's registry or email for a record to be sent. They simply expected to explore space to see what was there.

Freelance Web Developers

Why choose us as freelance web developers?

The web development services provided by us not only help people in securing their personal relations but also help with their professional coworkers. Our brave web browser developer has the expertise in providing software application development services depending on the needs of our clients. Our company acknowledges the seriousness of PHP development and also the web developer skills and according to that, we provide the services to our customers depending upon the complexity of the website. Hence, our company never let you down while completing our responsibilities.

Our developers foster an astounding easy to use application with their unique abilities. We ensure that our client doesn't have t deal with any issue from our side that is one of the principal motivations behind why we take a gander at every single component intentionally. We guarantee the ideal sending of the application with practically no bugs and issues. The application is created by our profoundly qualified and experienced devoted group of designers with 100 percent consumer loyalty. Frantic Infotech has the fundamental goal is to offer types of assistance to their clients. We give amazing web application development solutions for associations who need to grow their business with the assistance of web-based platforms. We are continuously doing hard work to live up to clients' assumptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is web development?

Ans: Web development, also called site advancement, alludes to the assignments related to making, constructing, and keeping up with sites and web applications that run online on a program. It might, in any case, additionally incorporate website composition, web programming, and information base administration.

2. How to become a web developer?

Ans: First of all, you have to do a course about your developing part and then you have to do an internship in order to create a portfolio and after that, you have to earn certificates so that you can make your resume strong. In this way, you can become a full-stack web developer.

3. What is the cost of hiring a web developer?

Ans: The cost of hiring a beginner web developer is $25 per hour, for an intermediate developer the cost is $41 per hour and at last, the cost of hiring an advanced developer is $80 per hour. It always depends on the skills and knowledge of the developer.

4. Which language is used for web development?

Ans: As there are many web developing languages used by the developers but the most commonly used languages are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. JavaScript has huge popularity as it is used by 65% of the developers around the world.