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In today's highly technical and advanced world of business, your educational initiative can only be successful if your application is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Well, there are many reasons to choose an iOS platform; you don't need to worry about the bootlegging, piracy, or security issues often faced with Android apps. As an entrepreneur, the first thing that enters your mind while starting off with an idea is 'Is this idea feasible?' But, creating an education app from scratch isn't child's play. It's time-consuming and enormously difficult work for which what you need is AN EXPERIENCED TEAM! Ultimately, it's not that difficult to attract users to your app store before starting off with a full-fledged Ios App Development process but afterward, there will be thousands of iOS users downloading different apps over the internet and if they see yours among others but it appears outdated and poorly designed then what use is your app going to serve? So, it’s important to hire an experienced team who has been in this field for years and is skilled at their work. Frantic iOS Education App Development is one such company that offers you native iOS development services customized according to your needs.

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Frantic iOS Education App Development Company

Frantic iOS education app development company aims to help you learn better and faster. iOS Education Mobile Apps developed by us are a fun and enjoyable way of learning. Unlike other iOS app development companies, Frantic focuses on creating user-friendly and interactive apps that are not just limited to educational apps but also include trivia games, self-development apps among others. We have developed many iOS applications for various clientele. Our application is designed using the latest technology and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. One of the key features of our iOS education app development process is that we create applications for multiple platforms like Android and Windows Phone so that all your valuable information can be stored in one place.

Easy To Use

Frequent updates

We are constantly improving our app, so you can always get the latest features, bug fixes, and updates, based on your feedback. Frequently updated apps always help to open new opportunities for developers, because users will use the app regularly. Over time, their loyalty to the app increases and they are more likely to recommend it to others. This is why our app is constantly updated based on your feedback. Our updates are a convenient way of expanding the functionality of the app.

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Gamification to learn better

We have built education apps for IOS and Android devices that are used by millions of students every single day. Students love learning in an easy and enjoyable way. Our iOS education app developers construct apps with games, puzzles, and interactive exercises which can help in the cognitive development of a student and make it easier for them to grasp complex topics such as algebra, politics, or foreign languages.

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Efective cost

Multilingual translation

Did you know that information found on the Frantic E-learning education app is translated in multiple languages? If a certain language isn't supported by Frantic ios language learning education app development service, users can easily add the necessary language package in just one click! We add multiple languages to our so that it could reach and help a wide range of students diversity.

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Videos and Livestream

We have added the feature of videos and Livestream. This makes it easy for you to learn at your own pace and time. You will be able to watch videos that are interesting, relevant, or useful. You will also be able to ask questions and get answers without hassle. This helps them get in-depth knowledge of the topic and ask whatever they want. These kinds of features are really helpful for video publishers as well and there are many apps available on the play store that offer this kind of service.

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