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Tablet app development

Tablets perhaps have become one of the most well-known ways to communicate, which is covering the gap between mobile phones and laptops. They give a dynamic mobile application developer a chance to color a canvas with flawless designs, UI, and attractive experiences. Tablet application development is very interesting, as it requires an eye for design and a special technical skill with a specialized range of abilities to really occupy this new space.

Android tablet app development with Frantic Infotech

To deploy a rigorous standard app that suits your business needs, Frantic Infotech has 6+ years of experience in the IT sector that applies high-level efforts and acquires applauds for their uniqueness, transparency, pace, and perfection in the android market. Frantic Infotech is capable of designing and developing appreciable applications for the business that will provide an attractive experience to its users. We definitely make sure that our customer gets satisfied with our developed applications when it comes to our service and delivered product. At Frantic Infotech you will get the best services from our experienced tablet app developers that utilize Android APIs and software development kits for designing an ideal android tablet app as per the customer requirements.

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Custom tablet app development methodologies


Waterfall Methodology:

The waterfall methodology is one of the most conventional and frequently utilized development methodologies. It is a traditional process of app development and the waterfall method is a consecutive model that splits the developing process into pre-established stages. Every stage should be completed before moving to the next stage and there should be no overlapping between the stages. This methodology does not allow us to go back to the past stages if any modification is required..


Agile Methodology:

The Agile methodology is a project management methodology that is deliberately adopted for the development of complex programming. The framework takes into consideration cycles, which helps a lot in decreasing mistakes and errors that ordinarily happen. The methodology splits the project into a series of development stages and each and every stage of work is distributed to the project teams. It is a cooperative method that permits speedy change. It is sufficiently adaptable to oblige changes in project necessities all through the mobile application development lifecycle.

Less Bugs

Prototype methodology:

The prototyping method is another tablet app project development methodology in which a prototype is developed, tested, and corrected till the pleasing prototype is achieved. The prototype is the primary key for the development. This methodology works effectively under such situations where the project needs are not well known in detail. It is a hit-and-trial method that took place between the customer and the software programmer.

Combined UI/UX

Rapid Application Development Methodology:

In this methodology, the application is designed without any comprehensive planning. RAD is one of the most utilized methods that give more advanced development and more high-standard results than the other development methodology. The RAD methodology prioritizes more on the development part than focusing on planning. This method's main objective is speedy tablet application development process.


Spiral Methodology:

The spiral methodology is a danger-driven model in tablet app development companies. The framework depends on the risk design of the project and also utilizes more than one methodology in the development process. It is a mixture of waterfall methodology and repetition. You need to adjust the requirements of each and every stage of the framework. The total number of stages depends on the risk involved in the project.

Tablet application development process in Frantic Infotech

Frantic Infotech provides complete end-to-end table app development services. Each and every stage in the development process is essential for achieving a victorious, well-known application launch

First of all the data is collected and analyzed during the zero phases. Then we get to know about the targeted customers in order to create informed decisions about the application. This phase of idea development and advice is essential to create a successful project as a whole.

After that wireframing, project planning, and architecture are to be done with tablet app design and development after this. Each and every part of the application development process focuses on developing a customer-friendly interface and a fluid design.

Before deploying the application we enormously test the application. Our quality guarantees processes are both well-organized and cost-effective, utilizing a wide variety of methodologies to identify and correct problems.

After deployment of the application we can also help in the marketing of your application. We also provide maintenance and update facilities for keeping your application up-to-date.

Our systematized, scalable processes permit us to give a graphically-satisfying, user-friendly application without exceeding the time and budget. Begin a discussion with us today to know more about how our company can give your clients considerable latest experiences with a meaningful and dynamic tablet application.

Tablet application advantages

Expand your reach of clients by utilizing tablet applications that are developed to link the physical and virtual world utilizing the power of “The Internet of Things”. We utilize tablet applications to develop the best client experience with the new technology that works genuinely, making composite tasks come into reality. Our solutions cater to organizations searching for versatility and imaginative utilization of the additional space that tablet gives. Our applications highlight the features of absolute total Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Data Integration, and Syncing, Handling Data layer occasions, Optimize Performance, and Battery Life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a tablet application?

Ans: You can peruse the web, play games, send and get messages, even sort up letters. It's totally controlled utilizing a touchscreen: to finish things, you essentially need to tap the screen. Possessing a tablet implies you truly can take your PC with you any place you go.

2. What are some good ideas for developing android tablet apps?

Ans: Bus Booking App, Hotel & Restaurant Booking App, Price Comparison App, Packers & Movers App, Restaurant Management App, Fuel & Gas Delivery App, Taxi Booking App, Cleaning Service App.

3. Can you use Android Studio on a tablet?

Ans: Yes we can use Android Studio on a tablet. To run an Android Studio project on your Fire tablet, follow these steps: On the Run menu, click Run App. In the Choose a device window, select the Fire tablet where you want to install and run the app and click OK.

4. What time does tablet app development take?

Ans: On average, developing an application can take three to nine months, depending on the complexity of the application and the structure of the project. Each step in the process takes different times, but the longest tends to include: Writing a project brief: one or two weeks.

5. Does our tablet app development offer a payment option?

Ans: Yes, we carry the best portal of Development Tablet App that accepts a large number of payments that we rationalize the selection and payment of the registration process.