UI/UX Android App Development company:

As it have been more than 4 years, Frantic infotech has grown itself in the field of Android UI/UX app development company in India. We have evolved with time with the help of our experienced and skilled app developers and employees..

UI User Interface

The aim is to simplify the interaction between user and app, in order to accomplish the goal the user interface provides steady, effective and attractive design. UI includes choosing appropriate color, corporate identity, and trending design principles. The user interface covers all controls, buttons, blocks, and application elements.

UX User Experience

UX stands for stands for user experience. The idea of UX is to provide the best experience for users with the ease of use and interactivity about how users have an impact on setting your business value. Making UX includes defining the way a product operates and meets the user's requirements. UX must be clear, comfortable, user friendly and must work towards changing your users into loyal customers

Why is UI/UX important in mobile app development.

For developers, it is important to know the importance of UI / UX android app design. You can create applications with great features and functions but if you fail to focus on the design section, it can cause the fall of your application. It will be a progressive approach if there is a balance between UI /UX and the functionality.
Key point to highlight the importance of UI/UX design in mobile applications-

• While going through your app users will just gaze on your app and app will leave an impression on users, they will engage enough only when the content is interesting enough.
• Helps to enhance customer lack of concern and improves ROI of the business, if your content is easy to understand, and eye catching it will please your users and your users will in turn recommend your app to others.
• An impeccable application will save time and money and will not require a frequent update. Magnificent UI/UX design makes it less troublesome and simple to access.
• Make sure your app gets featured in play store, for that make sure the users get good UI/ UX. Getting highlighted in the top arrangements of any class will consequently carry more foothold to your application. Go for the good UI/ UX development company.
• Attractive apps have more users and it’s a fact. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, Candy Crush, etc. have incredible UI/UX which has attracted a great many clients to them. The fulfillment that comes from incredible client experience is the thing that makes clients steadfast. Informal exchange is another motivation behind why UX configuration is significant..
• For a startup or any private venture, the significance of a UI/UX configuration lies in the making of the initial feeling. At the point when clients visit your application, they ought to be snared to it quickly so they return for it over and over. A decent application has higher use time and this should be possible with the application's UI UX plan.

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Range of our Android App Development Services

Our developers keep up with innovative solutions, for converting your ideas into an app stands out every time assuring you the best resulting business products. As a top android application development company in India, India we will assist you to boost your business effectively. Listed below are some of the services we render:

Android Consulting

We have an experienced team of Android consultants who help companies to establish and execute a successful plan for the extension of their online mobile businesses.

Custom Android App Development

When it comes to relying on the best Android application development company, we offer highly-customizable Android apps as per the specific demands of the customers.

Native Android App Development

Our team has vast experience in building Android apps that work fluidly on Native platform to provide maximum performance as well as the exceptional User-experience.

Hybrid Android App Development

As experts of hybrid app development, we consolidate exceptional HTML5 with multiple mobile platforms like Phone Gap, CSS3 and JavaScript ultimately developing the perfect app.

Android Game Development

Being one of the best Android Game App Development Company, we are well-versed with a team of expert and professional Android games.

Android UI/UX Design

As a reputed Android UI/UX development Company our designer executes the best design and development techniques to assure the interactive User Interface.

Android Web-based Apps

Our developers using responsive frameworks to simplify and streamline web-based responsive UI design and implementation services to optimize your mobile web app for high-performance.

Android App Strategy

We perform in-depth market research and well-experimented estimates to validate your business idea and compose mobile strategies that meet your enterprise needs.

Enterprise Android Apps

Being one of the best Android Application Development Company we have a professional team of experienced Android app developers who dedicatedly work on Enterprise Android apps.

Consumer Android Apps

We design and develop best-in-class consumer Android application solutions which are reliable and flawless sequentially providing a high-quality and bug-free app.

Android App Testing

As one of the top android app development company, our QA experts thoughtfully examine your project, right from the initial stage, until its seamless execution to make your app bug-free.

App Support And Maintenance

Our Android app developers provide 24*7 app maintenance and post-development support services with regular functionality updates which help you make your app feasible to use.

Choose - as Suitable

We are up with all the latest trends, and technologies, we provide application development for numerous frameworks as well as languages. One can opt according to the requirement from the below


Android Native Apps Development

Frantic, an Android app development company, has dedicated developers who use all standard functionalities where the entire code is written in the Android-specific programming language, operating on the Android platform to give an exceptional user experience.


Android Hybrid Apps Development

As the best Android application development company our developers deliver Hybrid App development solutions using fundamental web technologies and our programmers enfold the single code base in the Android native app, which can operate on many devices irrespective of platforms & OS.


Development Process

Our Android application development company conceptualizes, design, develop, manage, secure, test and deploy as per your requirement. No matter whether your app is targeted to enterprise or consumer market, our Android app experts have the expertise to build a quality-rich Android app to meet strategic objectives at a reasonable price.

1 Discover

Brainstorming Hypothesis Conceptualization

2 Define

Requirement Definition SRS Document Milestone

3 Design

Wireframing Prototyping UI/UX Design

4 Develop

Coding & APIs Testing/ QA Debug

5 Deliver

Enviroment Deployment Migration

6 Support

Maintenance Support Review

UI/UX Process


We as the top android app development company understand the needs and ideas of the client and behavior of the end user. This reflects in the unique design given to the UI/UX app developed by us.


A thorough knowledge of your competitors , industry and positioning is necessary, so we conduct a research regarding this for the benefit of your business.


In this process we map the behavior of user , as to how your website will be navigated.


A good amount of time is put into by our designers for finalizing a perfect design for your UI/UX app, to make it an user friendly app.

Difference between IOS and Android UI Design

While translating an app from ios to android one should keep these points in mind: IOS- Minimum tap target size is 44*44 pt (Apples Point) Android- Minimum tap target size is 48*48 dp (device independent pixels) IOS- The main app navigation is at the bottom Android- Tabs are at the top of screen. IOS- The secondary app navigation is on the bottom page Nav or on-page UI. Android- shows on the sidebar, when “hamburger” is tapped IOS- Primary button option is at the top Navigation right side. Android- There is a floating action button. IOS- Secondary options is On-page UI. Android- It is on top Navigation right side. IOS- Single-choice options are showed with checkmarks. Android- Options are displayed with Radio Buttons. IOS- multiple choice lists with switches or list with check-marks. Android- Lists with checkbox list or list with switches IOS- Confirm or allow undo of destructive actions by modal dialog to confirm choice. Android- Here allows undo via temporary on-screen notification.


In short we can say that today UX/UI design has become integral part of app development . No matter how better and unique your application is if it is not user friendly it is going to be a big failure. As good UX/UI design helps to improve your user experience and customer satisfaction that ultimately results in increasing your application user. In case you are looking for best UI/UX android app development company than just visit our website Frantic Infotech . Yes it is as Simple as that ! We are one of the top mobile app development Companies in India. Each and every app developed by us have best UI/UX android app design.

Frequently Asked Questions

A UI/UX designer's job is to create user-friendly interfaces that enable users to understand how to use complex technical products. If you're passionate about the latest technology trends and devices, you'll find great fulfillment in being involved in the design process for the next hot gadget. Switching between tasks.

The basic difference between the two is of the way users navigate through the appliaction. The basic element in Android UI is the Drawer menu, which is a drop-down list of elements, situated at one side of the screen. iOS uses the tab bar – its navigation is located in the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Step 1. Learn the fundamentals of UX designer
Step 2. Develop an eye for good design
Step 3. Invest in the right design software
Step 4. Start building a portfolio of work
Step 5. Ask for feedback (and learn from it) Step 6. Get real-world work experience

When it comes to mobile specifically, the list becomes harder, because it's a field that's changing so incredibly quickly. So, in this case, the best recommendation is to follow people, not specific resources.

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