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The job portals today are reaching a saturation point and thus losing the charm for job seekers. This is happening due to the same old job portal development company that they have been seeing on the internet. Suddenly, it's next to impossible to find candidates who log on to other job portals rather than their main one. The recruiters also look for advanced features in job portals to make connections with suitable candidates more easily and make the recruitment process more streamlined and effective. And this is what makes job portal development companies a necessity for job recruiters.

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What is the Need for a Job Portal Development Company

The competition among job portals is increasing day by day. More and more job portals have started providing the facilities to their users. But still, the main need of the recruitment industry is not fulfilled by the existing job portal development. Recruiters are investing huge amounts of money in attracting more and more new jobseekers in their listing portals whereas they have to spend more money on improving the efficiency of existing recruiting agents and also need to provide them more advanced features for getting maximum productivity from their agents. Having a look at this scenario, every recruiter is looking for a Job Portal Development Company that can help in making recruitment websites effective, swift, and accurate and which can also contribute greatly to attracting high numbers of new applicants with very less or even no cost. And finding such a Job portal development platform may become difficult for them because there is not any single professional provider of a complete range of job portal website development services available yet, though the demand for such a job portal development company has been on a rocket boost.

Job Portal Website Development Services We Offer

Customize Job Portal Website

Customize Job Portal Website

A well-geared job portal website development service is a necessity for the current business trends. It is the right place to showcase your business, recruit employees and broaden your business network. Not all job portal website development services are the same. While some offer a cookie-cutter job portal website, others will customize their software to match the needs of your business. We specialize in custom job portal website development services, job portal software development, and mobile-friendly job portal development services.

Job Video Interview Development

Job Video Interview Development

If you are new to the online world and looking for top-notch job portal website development companies in India, you can rely on us. We offer job video interview development services to our clients in order to assist them in creating their personal and professional websites. As a matter of fact, our niche service is quite popular among business tycoons as well as small startup companies across the globe. With this service, you can easily customize your website with an interactive interface of a video chatting system. This feature is quite useful for entrepreneurs who want to create a customer base with ease. Well, visitors can use this option while trying to reach out and approach those business entities which they want to deal with.

Job Finder App Development

Job Finder App Development

In today's competitive job market, there is simply no better way to find a job than with a job portal website app. With our job portal website apps, we combine the best of both worlds by letting visitors search for jobs and professionals look through potential profiles/recruiters. Our job portal apps are low-cost and can be utilized by both users and recruiters. We are a full-service company that designs and develops the website, builds the website, and provides support for the period of time when the site is life with a low job portal website development cost.

Job posting software Development

Job posting software Development

We provide Job Portal Website development company solutions that give you all the materials like- Job Submission software, job listing software customization for both job boards and classified portals, search engine-friendly content management system, job posting software, and submission services, and flexible requirements with cost-effective rates. Most of the people that have a hard time getting promoted have poor job portals as their main online resource. We are experts in developing Job Portal Websites and Can give you the best solution.

Chat Application

Chat Application

People need to be able to contact you with any queries they might have regarding job postings, careers, and more. Also, the chat module will allow the employer to make contact with a candidate directly to engage in a conversation about employment. It is compulsory for any online recruitment service to provide a custom-built chat application feature. It has been our endeavor to provide quality chat application services to our clients. Chat application development is our forte and we provide excellent chat web application services, which are robust and scalable.

How Job Portal Development Can Impact a Business

Job portal website development services are growing in popularity. A recent report by Fortune Business Insights predicts the market for online recruitment will reach 43.39 billion by 2027. There are several benefits recruiters can get after using Job portal website development, let’s talk about the major ones:

Save Time: In any organization, conducting a recruitment drive through a job portal is much easier and more time-efficient than the conventional way. Spare time of recruiters can be utilized on productive tasks. When it comes to job portal website development, specialized web developers use innovative tools and technologies that make the job portal website design process quick and easy.

Convenient: In the advanced tech-savvy era we live in, every mobile device is being used for every activity that is going on around us. The recruitment industry too has progressed a long way from desktop computers and is now being managed via apps and websites online. The mobility factor given by recruiters' job portals is making it super convenient for recruiters to perform the recruitment tasks without getting entangled with the paperwork.

Better Screening: Job portal website development is ideal for recruiting agencies and recruitment companies. A job portal website design is actually a one-stop solution for them to check the background details of the candidate in a single go. It eliminates time wastage and increases productivity. Job portal websites help you find the right candidate for the job, connect with the applicants, screen and do an initial round of interviews, and finally hire the best candidate.

Why Frantic iOS Start-Up App Development

Growing Demand for Job Portal Website development

CareerBuilder, Monster, and Indeed. These should be a name as familiar to you as Google and Amazon. Ever since the internet changed the way of functioning, the job portal has come out with a new idea for recruiting people for a company. There are various job portal web designs out there today, but all of them have something in common- they offer their candidates the chance to apply for jobs online and communicate with them. For any job seeker, the amount of time he or she spends searching for jobs on the internet is enormous. Ranking in Google’s search result with a relevant job ad can make an applicant reach your company instantly.

Frantic Job Portal Website Development Company

Why Choose Frantic? The key to your company's success will always be the way you establish and promote your brand online. Frantic was built with that in mind - to create a way for businesses to simplify their search for high-quality website development like ours. Our goal is to provide our clients with quality, customized job portal website designs that not only meet business objectives but are also pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. We've been doing it for years and we've got teams across the world working hard to deliver amazing results in job portal development every time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a job portal website?

Ans: A job portal is a website that is created to connect an organization with job seekers. So it helps companies and candidates find each other.

2. How do you create a website portal?


  • ● Start the Server.
  • ● Create A New Portal Site.
  • ● Create a Portlet and Make it Visible to the Portal.
  • ● Update the Look and Feel of the Portal

If this sounds a bit complicated to you, try to go for the best way through. Find a reliable and established Job portal website development company.

3. How much does it cost to develop a job portal?

Ans: The general approximate cost of platform choosing, and for further panel planning and building, might range from $1000 to $10000, it also depends upon the different features and requirements the client might choose.

4. How do job portals make money?

Ans: Job portals are like all other internet business platforms. They earn money by selling ads, listing jobs, and various services to their users. Typically, a portal charges candidates based on the level of information such as their current location, resume, advanced search type, etc.