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Software Maintenance and Support

Software maintenance and support the main objective is to make sure round the clock availability and dependability of software apps and products. Since when the company has started, Frantic Infotech has been deploying a complete scope of software maintenance and support services for each and every type of software app and product. We acknowledge the need for software maintenance and support to deploy a standard product to the end-utilize. With Frantic Infotech's dependable software support services one can make sure that the software functions are completely bug and glitches-free. Our committed support team comprises support developers and support professionals that are ready to help you in maintaining multiple software products.

We are an extraordinary conventional software backing and maintaining organization yet an association with the experience of more than six years in conveying first-class programming support and maintenance to brands around the world. Our center abilities lie in conveying a wide range of software support, including versatile support, remedial support, perfective support, and preventive support.

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Different types of support maintenance

Combined UI/UX

Corrective maintenance

Frequently mentioned as "bug" maintenance, restorative support can be characterized as adjusting client announced mistakes in source code. This is the most crucial kind of software maintenance, at the same time, in contrast, to help, focuses on around low need "bugs" and is normally viewed as triaging improvement demands rather than fixing limitations.


Preventive maintenance

As its name proposes, preventive maintenance is the act of ensuring that software keeps running as it ought to be. Preventive maintenance aims at diminishing the probability of unexpected impacts of developing operating systems and devices on which the software runs on.

Less Bugs

Perfective maintenance

Aims at interaction, perfective maintenance can be determined as developing after deploying in order to boost the performance of the software. Encouraged b the client's feedback, perfective maintenance is accountable for the execution of the latest features according to the client submission.

Combined UI/UX

Adaptive maintenance

Adaptive maintenance is described by the need to adjust code in one piece of the software because of outer issues in one more part of the system. Adaptive maintenance is needed when issues are brought about by changes to the operating system, software conditions, hardware, or business privacy and policies of an item, subsequently expecting changes to the codebase.