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Custom software development

Custom software development is the procedure of developing, designing, supporting, and distributing software for a specified set of customers, responsibilities, or the firm. In comparison to commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), the custom software development company has an objective of narrowly explaining the set of necessities. COTS selects a wide range of conditions, permitting it to be packaged and commercially marketed and its deployment. Custom software development services are provided in order to meet some of the particular needs like for developers, equipment service and maintenance program, and an online banking app development for the special needs of the ban and its clients. Similar processes and methodologies apply to custom software development as other types of software development. A custom project created by an application development company would go through the usual steps of accumulating requirements, creating code, testing, and delivering and applying the same methodologies, such as Agile, DevOps, or Rapid Application Development, as any other project software.

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Why custom software development is important?



Custom software application development assists to expand productivity by speeding up processes because it is now customized according to business needs. You are not required to waste time or modify your custom software development process to adapt to systematize software.



As your organization expands, business processes will become more complex. But, with a custom software development agency in India like Frantic Infotech, this is not a problem as you can customize your software accordingly. Therefore, this will prevent you from incurring costs for additional licenses or subscriptions for further properties.

Less Bugs

Less integration cost:

One of the most usual queries that arise while custom business software development is whether it will be going to work with the existing apps. You can save this additional investment by creating custom software and taking advantage of integration with other business applications.

Combined UI/UX


Custom software development solutions can resolve your various business issues. Depending on the conditions and states of the venture, undertakings that makes their own product might have their own product. However, will be capable to license or can sell it to other enterprises.



Another advantage of custom mobile application development company is that they offer security that is better than standard software. This will make your software less sensitive to security issues.

Tools utilized for custom software development

GitLab: GitLab is one of the dominating unified products for advanced custom software application development. Securing issue management, version control, CI, CD, and observing into a solitary, simple-to-install app, assist teams to go speedily from planning to monitoring.

Quixy:Business utilizes Quixy’s cloud-based no-platform to sanction their business clients to robotize the workflow and create easy to complex business-grade apps for tailored requirements more than 10 times speedy. Without writing any code. Quixy assists to remove manual processes and speedy turning ideas into apps for developing enterprises more imaginative, productive, and transparent. Customers can begin from scratch or tailor pre-developed applications from the Quixy app store.

Git:It is an open-source and free version of to control system developed to handle every single thing from small to large projects quickly and systematically. When a developer is working on something, they have to regularly change the code until they get the latest version. What a version control system does is that it records all changes made, permitting others to collaborate, make changes, and contribute. You will also find a copy of each developer's working code.

Linx: Linx is a less code tool to develop and automatize backend applications and web services. The tool speed up the designing, custom software application development, and automatization of tailored enterprise processes, which also includes the simple integration of apps, systems, and databases.

Node JS:Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform application, JavaScript runtime environment designed for building a variety of web applications and for building web servers and networking tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is custom software development?

Ans:Custom development advancement alludes to the planning of the product which is exceptional and recognized from Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) packaged programming. Custom software development develops distinct apps or increases the functionality of the already developed apps.

2. Why custom software development is important?

Ans:Custom software development provides the business firm a different way to be imaginative and eliminate your competitors. Businesses can utilize the technology in diversification of ways to acquire a competitive edge, increase general capability, or develop a general user experience for their clients.

3. What are the advantages of custom software development?

Ans:Distinctive and Innovational product, scale the business organization in better ways, enhances productivity and employee drive, increases the ROI.

4. Hire a custom software development company with Frantic Infotech?

Ans:Frantic Infotech is one of the leading custom software application development companies with expert developers having years of experience. Frantic Infotech is able to provide the best result within less time and in less time.