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Event mobile app development

Mobile event app development has undergone various developmental changes with the emergence of multiple event app development services. And also event managers have appreciated the relevancy of even applications in each and every step of arranging events, right from the beginning of planning to the execution of the plan. A solitary event management application assists in reaching out to conference speakers, attendees, advisers, financiers, and planners. With the help of an event app development company, one can have flawless interconnection, and also one can easily communicate with the advisers. A mobile event app development is a preparation and management solution aimed at improving the experiences of attendees and organizers. It does this by incorporating all or part of the event management process and by involving the guests in common channels called smartphones

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Benefits of Event App Development Services


Team management:

There are a group of individuals who are up to speed to put together an event, including occasion directors, administrator, on-location organizer, and email advertiser. An event management app development company assists in allowing the chore to the anxious person creating room for understandable communication. Apart from that event app is also helpful to examine the task taken for each task and the advancement done on it. This implies that it is one of the great ways to retain everyone well-informed about ongoing things.


Positive impact on planning:

An event mobile application is a successful channel created by an event app development company for the smooth out conveyance of successful and appealing communications. By acquiring a solitary mobile answer for each meeting or occasion all year, event managers will now be capable to focus on operating attendance and engagement instead of wasting ink and paper.

Less Bugs

Administer various events fluently:

One of the main advantages of hiring an event mobile app development company for event applications is that various events can be managed at the same time. After you're finished with determining a line of assault, you can include the information and robotize the tasks and status of your events.

Combined UI/UX

Smooth networking:

Most of the participants take part in the event in order to expand the network or create new connections. Make sure that the event application that you deploy provides a networking platform with built-in features such as activity feed and attendee profile, which makes it easy for attendees to network in a way transparent.


Real-time analytics:

There is always a chance for improvement and enhancement for each and everything. Similarly, it applies to event mobile applications. These types of applications provide you with real-time event analytics in order to create changes to the application, increase the user experience, and calculate whether the events are well going or not.

Why event mobile apps are important?

An event planner has now acknowledged that mobile applications are unavoidable in order to take the event experience to a success level. Now, various event planners are utilizing event mobile apps for event management like meetings and various other events. Event attendants find it very much appropriate and fascinating with event management applications. Aside from diminishing printing costs, event management applications engage coordinators to accumulate information and open more ways to sponsorship opportunities. The planners can continue the path of the whereabouts of attendants with the help of event apps. It further assists the present attendees with an intuitive and one’s own choice to schedule event brochures and to have a clear and better connection with them. Event applications affect the most outstanding characteristics and performance of cell phones and combine those with special touch-points, interaction capabilities, and data collection opportunities in order to enhance the worth of even a small seminar for all attendees.

A mobile event application is a successful channel for the efficient delivery of effective and attractive communications. By acquiring a single mobile solution for every meeting or event throughout the year, event managers can focus on attendance and engagement rather than wasting paper and ink.

Cost of developing event mobile app in Frantic Infotech

There is no fixed price for creating an event application actually the price depends on the requirements of the project and the tools that a mobile app development services provider is utilizing for the task. Relying on the numerous components the average pricing may change. Definitely, event applications have now become an urgent requirement an hour but still, now numerous people are not aware of how much the cost of event mobile app costs in the real life. But you can now definitely have an idea about the cost of event mobile app development by deliberately understanding the critical factors that are affecting the pricing.

First of all, you need to decide which type of mobile application features, complexity, technology, and amount of data you need in your application. Besides this, the event mobile app development company experts can provide you with numerous pricing models varying from the fixed price model to part-time or hourly basis billing. According to the latest scenario of the event mobile application development companies in India, the average cost of designing and developing an event application is between $10000 to $30000+ relying upon the requirements of the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an event mobile app??

Ans:An event application is a preparation and management solution aimed at improving the experiences of attendees and organizers. It does this by incorporating all or part of the event management process and by involving the guests in common channels called smartphones.

2. How do I create an event app?

Ans:Identify a unique layout for the application. Modify it according to your needs and also create an application that looks fascinating.Add features such as constancy, social network, etc. with the help of event mobile app development tools. Develop your own application without any codes Deploy the application to the Google Play Store and AppStore.

3. What should be done in an event application?

Ans:User-friendly interface, Session and event schedules, Interactive maps, Exclusive app content, etc.

4. What are the essential features to be included in your top event mobile app?

Ans:Easy to navigate the menu, Functionality networking, Event agenda, Event map, Event surveys, etc..