React Native App Development company:

Within the span of 4+ years frantic infotech has enhanced an evolved in the area of react native app development field, with the help of highly skilled developers. The motivation provided by our 50+ satisfied clients help us to grow and evolve with time.

Why Choose React Native for Mobile App Development?

Businesses, especially startups looks for application that consume less time in developing, React Native provides with on stream component which makes it on the edge.
The increase in popularity of React Native technology among the app developers using Java Script can be a boon for newbie. With no hefty coding one can fuse the usefulness of web applications into versatile application.
Java Script follows the simple code structure, which makes it cleaner for the developers to understand and write the codes.
No doubt the top most benefit of React native has been the cost effective and time efficient. The expenses for web development and mobile application advancement has changed adequately.
This way one can make UI look precisely like a Javascript and to a lesser extent a structure itself. It’s a pattern that is used to improve on the process and make UI work in a smooth way to give very good quality for responsive results.Assembles a versatile application for your business without any issue.

React Native Users:

Currently from established companies to newbies are implementing React Native for developing their apps and one can benefit themselves with the features that are available in this platform, number of apps that are using it.
Some popular apps using React Native:
Facebook, Instagram, Uber
Tesla, Pinterest,, Wallmart

React Native App Design Services:

We choose best designer and developers for the react native app development. Their skills and punctuality makes us one of the best ios app development companies in Moira, India. With the help of such experienced developers we assure the design of the UI/UX app to be unique and extraordinary.

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We are up with all the latest trends, and technologies, we provide application development for numerous frameworks as well as languages. One can opt according to the requirement from the below

Ract Native Apps Development

REACT Native Apps Development

Frantic, an IOS app development company, has dedicated developers who use all standard functionalities where the entire code is written in the IOS-specific programming language, operating on the IOS platform to give an exceptional user experience.


React Native Hybrid Apps Development

As the best IOS application development company our developers deliver Hybrid App development solutions using fundamental web technologies and our programmers enfold the single code base in the IOS native app, which can operate on many devices irrespective of platforms & OS.

React Native Hybrid Apps Developement

Development Process

Our IOS application development company conceptualizes, design, develop, manage, secure, test and deploy as per your requirement. No matter whether your app is targeted to enterprise or consumer market, our IOS app experts have the expertise to build a quality-rich IOS app to meet strategic objectives at a reasonable price.

1 Discover

Brainstorming Hypothesis Conceptualization

2 Define

Requirement Definition SRS Document Milestone

3 Design

Wireframing Prototyping UI/UX Design

4 Develop

Coding & APIs Testing/ QA Debug

5 Deliver

Enviroment Deployment Migration

6 Support

Maintenance Support Review

Tools Provided for Every Developer

Now for developing React- Based Mobile app, the existing tools are equipped and integrated with support for both the Android and IOS. Most app development organization now moved their business recommendations and activities towards being a Reactive Native application development company. Therefore before diving into the pool of react native, one have to be well aware of the existing React Native app development tools described below:


NUCLIDE- Nuclide has emerged as a problem solving issue between the developers because who ae using React Native tools cross platform application development tool can collaborate together. Nuclide include features like auto-complete, inline error detection and built-in debugging options.

ATOM- Atom has been built to modernize he approach to React Native app creation. This text editor allows you to formulate the apps code together at a single place and make it easily accessible at the same time.

REDUX- Redux helps you in noting applications and code segments in a steady way. Application which is designed using redux will in general help various conditions, which includes the native application as well.

EXPO- Expo is mostly about toolchain that shows easier path in the development of nativeapps for ios android operating systems.These can be created using both javascript and react thorigh Expo SDK.

NATIVEBASE- short-sighted interface of nativebase makes it a great front-end framework for cross platform mobile applications. Android apps and ios applcations can be prepared easily using the predefined and default UI features from react Native.

IGNITE- If you want to fasten the development process then this free and open source platform can let you create your very own customizable boilerplate. Ignite application can give you a easier way to accomplish your React Native tools project.

INVISION- Invision can turn designs into and interactive interface, you can add your files, animation and screen templates of your choice. This also helps in collaboration with other developers, on can share ideas, solve queries, and as well make the client part of the project.

REACT NAVIGATION- This helps in adding navigation to the app, This tool functions as an inherent guide and contains a critical number of highlights like a Tab or Stack Navigator. The tool likewise accompanies the choice to improve on web coordination for web applications.

FLOW- Flow is used basically to check the React Native app for the bugs and wrong features. Flow helps in reducing the time for checking continuously for the bugs and also handles errors and fixes bugs for you.

ENZYME- whether it is Native or Hybrid for every sort of an application there is a need of testing platforms . For testing React Native has enzyme,it is based on Javascript testing components, and gives you utility to maintain, adjust and test the features of React Native without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Speedy app development to hassle-free maintenance and easy migration from any chosen platform to community support, React Native ensures everything that could reduce the overall time and cost of app development. As of today, React Native cost is the most effective compared to other frameworks in the market.

1. Write Once Use Anywhere.
2. UI Focused.
3. Programming Language.
4. Strong Community.
5. Tried & Tested.
6. Support For 3rd Party Libraries.
7. NPM For Installation.
8. Mobile Environment Performance.

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