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iOS Event App Development

iOS Event App Development

The development of mobile apps for various events is now a trend. With over 65% of professional event management companies relying on iOS Event App Development services, the demand for iOS Event App Development from us is on a sharp rise.

Frantic is a top-rated iOS event app development company for every event management company. Frantic offers both Android and iOS applications for creating event experiences at their best. The applications are designed to help you maximize your revenue with ticketing, surveys, leaderboards, social wall, push notifications, technology, guestbook, and many more.

If you want to promote your business effectively or create engagement in your guests, choose Frantic as the iOS app development platform to build an excellent event experience.

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Build a Thriving Business

The benefits are numerous for event planners who have an app on the market. For example, you can build an app in advance to showcase the services of your company. It would also be a great help for your sales team when attending an event. But if you do it right, there's even more benefits you can get! Without a doubt, Frantic Inofotech iOS event app development company is something you should consider doing to achieve business excellence and success. Having iOS event apps for your event is essential. It will give you the means to make the most of your event while you can engage with people directly.

Thriving Business

As the owner of a small business, it's essential for you to reach as much of your audience as possible. Partnering with us will help spread your event promotion and help you meet your marketing and communications goals. User-friendly applications help enhance your capabilities by making it easy for users to book events, share upcoming agendas, or take advantage of other features.

Benefits of developing iOS Event App


Manage your Event

Are you planning a big event? Do you wish there was an app available to help organize your event? If so, stop! Enjoy the convenience of a mobile app for your event that is quick, easy, and secure. You’re busy. You have a responsibility to plan the event, not to mention prepare the entire conference or workshop. That’s why we come up with practical solutions in order to help you with all app preparations and save your time. In particular, Frantic iOS event app development services works with event organizers to develop an event App which is quick, easy, and secured for iOS devices . Therefore, Frantic has iOS event mobile app developers available for working with you on your project requirements for a mobile app to suit your specific needs.

Personalized Experience

Personalized Experience with Frantic

We understand the importance of having a customized experience to meet your needs. With our expertise in event app development and customization, we can create a solution that exceeds expectations and keeps you on top of your game. You are in charge of a special event, fundraiser, or convention that requires a mobile application to help manage everything from attendance and reservations to speaker schedule and sponsors. You’re all about great value, but you don’t want an inferior app. Frantic iOS event app development process can create a rock solid app no matter how large or small your event, and it will be optimized to work even better on the day of.

Less Bugs

Enhance Your Network with Frantic

Frantic uses social networking to help you build connections at events and conferences around the world. Connecting with new people can be challenging but using our ios conference event app , you can find people who share similar interests and get connected. At events and conferences, you can connect with people who share similar interests. This is how you enhance your network for your career or business. Some people call this networking and it’s a great way to get noticed by others who have the ability to connect you to opportunities which will benefit you immensely. Attending an event doesn’t have to be hard — all it takes is some preparation and the right event app development by Frantic, will help you find interesting people who can help you achieve your goals.

Making Strong Relationships

Making Strong Relationships with Frantic

An important part of any business is making strong relationships with customers. We are eager to help make networking more sustainable through our digital solutions so you can grow your business while making meaningful connections. Networking isn’t suited for everyone. You have to be a bit of an extrovert and need to be able to push through the discomfort of meeting new people. However, when networking is done right — you meet some amazing contacts and opportunities that are beneficial to both your personal and professional growth. However, scheduling events can be a pain and you might never get the exposure you want with consistent networking, with Frantic iOS event app development company services you can get it the way you want.

Smart Design

Smart design makes it easy to find what you need

Brilliantly simple interface means it's easy to find out about different events and keep track of the schedule at a glance. Connect with other attendees to create groups, plan hangouts before the event, share agendas and photos from the event afterwards. FranticApp is more than your average event app. It's feature-heavy and yet amazingly simple to use. Their design team came up with a clean and simple overview that lets you find out about events and keep track of the schedule at a glance. Easily filter sessions by interest or popularity so you don't miss anything important. Find sessions nearby or in any city in the world!

Social Network

Social networking on-the-go

Connect with other attendees before the event, make plans for after the event, share photos from your experience. Brilliantly simple interface means it's easy to connect with people before an event or after. Connect with other attendees to create groups, plan hangouts before the event, share agendas and photos from the event afterwards. It especially comes in handy when attending a conference abroad.

Delivering an interactive, seamless experience to visitors is no longer a luxury. It has become standard business practice. A good mobile application makes it easier to get your point across, cultivate relationships and ultimately generate more revenue. At Frantic, iOS event app designers create iOS apps for every event management company because we want you to have an exceptional experience. Our ios event apps are designed with you in mind, and what you need most from an event app. You can count on us for the best event app development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which tools and technology do you utilize in ios app development?

Ans: As you can see, there are many different types of tools and technology that are used by app developers to bring apps to life. But a few programming languages that are largely used for mobile app development are Swift, C++, Java, HTML5, PHP, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, etc.

2. How much does it take to develop an ios event app?

Ans: Before you decide to invest in an event app, ask yourself why you want one. What do you need it to do and how important is the functionality? Consider which features are top priority, and then research pre-built apps that provide those features. If you’re not ready to get started on developing a custom solution, you may find a pre-built event app fits your needs. And best of all, it may be less expensive than building your own app.

3. Which is the best ios event app development company?

Ans: Frantic, a top-rated iOS event app development company to develop apps that are smart and responsive. When you hire Android and iOS app developer services from Frantic, you are provided with top-notch developers who design apps that are secured and customized based on your requirement. With customizable features that can assist you in maximizing your revenues through ticketing and surveys, social wall, leaderboards, push notifications, technology, guestbook and many more advanced features, Frantic is the best choice for your business growth.

4. Why should you choose us?

Ans: Frantic designs its applications to manage people in events and help them to make each event totally successful. Having a good app increases your revenue and makes you stand out from the crowd. If you are planning organized events, IOS mobile application development by Frantic will make your event truly amazing. The app is designed to manage your guest list, share information with them, get feedback from the audience, collect leads and more. The applications have been so well developed that it will change the way people interact with your events.