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Android ecommerce app development

Frantic Infotech is the best custom android e-commerce app development company that develops mighty e-commerce web designs to organize your business. Our android e-commerce app development services are highly dependable and of top quality. With a highly experienced team of android app developers, we develop the best mobile applications to assist your online business. Android app development for e-commerce helps business enterprises to increase their reach and connectivity to the customers across the world. Due to this, the demand for e-commerce mobile applications is increasing day by day.

Our android e-commerce app development solutions are qualified enough to deploy on instant requirements of the new market and also align every procedure of selling business operations digitally to make sure business continuity. From taking physical retailers online to enlarging the current lines of products/services for eCommerce, our online business mobile application development and online business web application development solutions assist you with further developing stock and assembling client reliability. Set up your redid commercial center quickly with our e-commerce application development administrations.

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Types of e-commerce business

• Business-to-Business:  A B2B model of business includes the direction exchange between at least two companies/businesses. The channels of such exchange for the most part incorporate regular wholesalers and producers who are managing retailers.  

• Business-to-Customers:  Business-to-Consumer model of business manages the retail parts of web-based business, for example, the offer of products as well as services to the end customer through digital means. The office, which has overwhelmed the business world, empowers the shopper to have a nitty-gritty gander at their proposed acquisitions prior to submitting a request. After the position of such requests, the organization/specialist getting the request will then, at that point, convey something similar to the shopper in a helpful period of time. A portion of the organizations working in this consists of notable players like Amazon, Flipkart, and many more.  

• Consumer-to-Consumer:  This business model is utilized by a shopper for selling utilized products and additionally administrations to different buyers through the digital medium. The trades here are pursued through a phase given by a pariah, any similarity to which join OLX, Quickr, etc.  

• Consumer-to-Business:  A C2B model is the specific inversion of a B2C model. While the last option is overhauled to the purchaser by a business, the C2B model furnishes the end customers with a chance to sell their items/administrations to organizations. The technique is famous in publicly supporting-based activities, the idea of which normally incorporates logo planning, the offer of sovereignty-free photos/media/plan components, etc.  

• Business-to-Administration:  This model empowers online dealings among organizations and policy implementation, for example, the Government by empowering the trading of data through focal sites. It furnishes businesses with a stage to offer on government open doors like closeouts, tenders, application accommodation, and so forth The extent of this model is presently upgraded, on account of the speculations made towards e-government.  

• Customer-to-Administration:  Develop an easy-to-understand mobile experience to empower your clients to straightforwardly cooperate with organizations for data purposes as well as utilizing utilities.  

Our future generation selling solutions


Ecommerce technology consulting:

Technology structure review and technique for movement starting with one CMS then onto the another, eCommerce Business Analytics Solutions, Application Migration, Backend Automation, Multi-channel Digital Marketing.


Online ordering/ delivering:

E-commerce mobile app builder for android provides intuitive web design and mobile applications clarifying online ordering of selling customers. Adjust stock across numerous conveyance channels, oversee transporting plans, empower multi-money installments, and track request satisfaction by means of local or outsider coordinated factors.

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Ecommerce web development:

Custom development of dynamic, easy-to-use, mobile streamlined eCommerce sites with numerous money support, Payment Gateway Integration, Secure Checkout, Sales Analytics, Order Management empowering simple progress of retailers from a block to a tick model.

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Inventory management:

Our accessible, web-based, and mobile apps harness the abilities of your business intelligence tools to assist the sellers to obtain grainy visibility into online inventive on local stores or online platforms such as Amazon.

Combined UI/UX

Digital marketing:

Search engine optimization, social media campaigns, lead generation, and email marketing to increase traffic and increase customer engagement around the channels while catching the largest share of the consumer wallet.


Marketing technology:

Android e-commerce app development company provides CRM execution- Salesforce, Microsoft dynamics, Open-source, and marketing automation services.

Frantic Infotech is everything you need on a budget

Various business organizations have selected the e-commerce applications developed by us to reach their customers without any kind of commission. We ensure that e-commerce mobile applications designed work quickly without any problem. If you are selecting us then you don’t have to about the data security as it is safe with us. Our company has a huge and well-known name in the android e-commerce app development market. We are providing victorious results to our customers. Since from the beginning when we have established our company we never looked back as we are working very hard to provide the best results to our respected customers.

We ensure that social unification is done in the e-commerce applications that are developed by our company because it makes the login procedure for the customer simple and easy. The experts in our development team allow the push notification features in the application so that your customers would be able to know about the new features or the discount prevailing on your product.

We also provide review and rating features in the android e-commerce app development process so that you would be able to know how your customers think about your products and services. Frantic Infotech is providing unique android e-commerce app development services in the market at an affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an e-commerce mobile app?

Ans:An eCommerce mobile application takes personalization to a higher level. With an application, you'll have the option to follow the client's perusing and buy history to submit custom proposals. This is conceivable from a site too, however, it's dependent on the client continuously being signed in, so it's a lot simpler to achieve from an application.

2. How do I make an e-commerce mobile app?

Ans: Develop a clear and cut idea about the app, and clarify the features, then start the designing process, then do the front-end and back-end coding and at last acquire feedback for the application’s starting version.

3. How much does it cost to develop an e-commerce mobile app?

Ans:The cost of developing mobile app varies between $15,000 to $300,000, for mobile app the cost varies between $50,000 to $300,000, and atlast for android application is $50,000 to $300,000 and also it reaquires about 1200 hours to develop a mobile application.

4. What are the basic features you integrate into the android e-commerce app?

Ans: The basic features you integrate into your application are: One-step registration, advanced search capabilities, detailed product information, wishlist, augmented reality, etc.

5. How can I make a successful e-commerce app like amazon?

Ans:Develop a clear and cut idea about the app, and clarify the features, then start the designing process, then do the front-end and back-end coding and at last acquire feedback for the application’s starting version.