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iOS eCommerce App Development

iOS eCommerce App Development Services

Frantic is an iOS eCommerce app development company that understands how tech changes every day. We are a team of experienced iOS eCommerce app developers who are adept at understanding customer requirements, assembling an appropriate team to work on the project, and delivering it to you within a stipulated time frame.

With the constantly changing tech landscape, present-day iOS eCommerce app development is a very resourceful process. However, the fact that it involves using multiple programming languages makes it difficult for developers. With so much for them to take care of, ios e-commerce app development services can blindly develop a poorly performing app, as not every individual on their team has the expertise to deliver exactly what you have wanted. This is where an expert iOS eCommerce app development company such as Frantic Inofotech comes in handy. We are one of the most efficient iOS developers that can offer expert solutions by adapting to your requirements, providing timely delivery, and bridging the gap between your team's skills and our resourcefulness.

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Our custom iOS eCommerce App Development services

Push Notification

We aim to provide a personalized service for each of our clients. We understand the importance of client satisfaction and strive hard to provide personalized solutions for them. Therefore, we have introduced push notifications, which will keep customers updated about their order status and other discounts or offers. Notifications are one of the latest features that have managed to make a mark in the ios e-commerce apps. Nowadays, every app is wholly dependent on notifications to run smoothly and meet the desired purpose. Frantic iOS eCommerce app development services allow you to create a highly effective notification system along with push notifications.

Product navigation: A one-stop solution

Product navigation has been quickly taking the center stage. Nowadays, with growing competition and cut-throat business tactics, companies are looking for a competitive edge to stand profitable. This is where a product-driven UX comes into the picture. From making your app/website user-friendly to availing it a feature of stand-out innovation, product navigation ranks high on the list. Frantic ios e-commerce application development has enabled quick access to all product categories and subcategories so you can find your desired product in no time. Moreover, we have enabled an in-built search bar that allows you to easily search for any products according to your preference whenever you want.

Say What You Feel

Quick like, rating, and feedback feature is a much-needed feature in a business. By adding this feature to your business, it gives your customers an easy way to give you a review/feedback about their purchase. Customers want to know what’s good and bad about a product so by doing this you’re shaping how people perceive your products in the future. Your customers will be able to share their experiences on social media, google, Pinterest, and everywhere else that the option is given.

Pay without any Hassle

One feature that is not enough on its own to justify the usage of an ios app is the gateway payment feature. What is it and why do most users request it? Due to their prevalence, we offer the choice of multiple payment methods in our fast-growing iOS eCommerce apps. We are pleased to integrate a payment feature in our apps that allow users to pay by any method they like. Our iOS eCommerce app developers offer various options, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Netbanking, and others. Users love the diversity of options provided by our apps and are glad to have one place where they can buy whatever they want without much effort.

Our Love Language is Multilingual

Nowadays a lot of people don’t speak English as their first language. What happens if a Spanish customer asks you a question in Spanish and you don’t speak Spanish? Chances are that they’re going to get unhappy with your app and your service. One way to avoid this is to make sure you have multilingual support in your eCommerce app. Our ios e-commerce app development team offers Multilingual Support which is a feature that will enable your app users the ability to support their native language and be able to communicate with everyone in the world, regardless of their native language.

No doubt about it — having a team of customer support representatives who are able to communicate in different languages is a great thing!


As you are aware that every iOS e-commerce apps application is mainly used for managing purchases of goods and services. An application is a place where customers spend their money on goods or services. Security needs to be given top priority since sensitive customer data such as credit card information, billing, and shipping details, the residential address should not be misused in any case through anyways. Reducing the number of cyber threats is one of the most difficult tasks for businesses operating online applications. It is necessary for organizations to ensure security because if there are certain vulnerabilities present within an online application, then cyber hackers can exploit that flaw and cause the worst consequences.

The growth of e-commerce mobile app development is so strong that it has been clearly visible for the past decade, and statistics show that this trend is still gaining momentum. Online shopping is no longer considered a luxury; today, it’s a way of life for many people, especially those who are busy and have limited time or simply prefer not to leave the comfort of their homes. The online marketplace is rapidly growing and so are the opportunities for store owners. These days it's super easy to buy almost anything online just by browsing through your phone. Mobile apps are well optimized, work efficiently on any mobile device, and most importantly they are easier to use than traditional websites.

Being a new product, iOS eCommerce app development is very popular but the lack of qualified developers hinders the progress of such a mass project. So make sure that you choose this iOS eCommerce application development service provider who has experience in building these applications for iOS. This way you can ensure that your ecommerce app’s performance will be top-notch and your customers will have a great experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ios e-commerce app development?

Ans: e-Commerce is the method of buying and selling products or services over electronic systems like the Internet and mobile devices. What is iOS eCommerce app development? The process of creating an app based on any eCommerce such as amazon and Flipkart.

2. What are the benefits of ios e-commerce app development?

Ans: E-commerce mobile apps allow users to conveniently browse, search and purchase items using their smartphones. Ecommerce mobile applications bring along many benefits with them as a listing/guide and a shopping cart, maps showing the vicinity of nearby stores, and other features.

3. What is the procedure for developing an e-commerce app?

Ans: The process of developing an iOS app begins with identifying a niche. The next step is to plan the most important features of an eCommerce application which will be supported on devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This involves some market analysis, sales study, and competition analysis.

4. Which company is best for ios e-commerce app development?

Ans: Want to have a top-notch shopping app but don't know where to start. We are the experts in developing iOS e-commerce apps solutions for your venture. If you want to make your business more profitable, contact us and we'll sort out a custom plan that would suit you best.