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Frantic Infotech is an iPhone app development company with over years of experience in custom iPhone application development. If you are seeking to hire an iPhone app developer to transmit your iPhone mobile app into a reality, then for you we are the best iPhone mobile app development company. It doesn’t matter whether you are a businessman, or a start-up, our iPhone application development company covers all your requirements. As you know the popularity of iPhone devices is enlarging on a worldwide basis and this is examined as the best for the devices.

The growing demand for custom iPhone application development all over the world has been no surprise in the development era. Although, these applications are to be enhanced with the right features and technologies to have an effect on the clients. This is the explanation that organizations look for the help of custom iPhone app development experts to assist them with developing a presence across the App Store.

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iPhone app development tools used by Frantic Infotech

• Swift: First delivered in 2014, Swift is a strong center programming language from Apple. Since it is somewhat new when contrasted with different languages like C, Java, and C++, it has a few extremely strong progressed features. Swift is planned to make the code more straightforward to peruse and compose. A portion of the elements of Swift like advanced control flow, memory-safe and type-safe control, automatic memory management, effective error handling, functional programming, etc. Going ahead Swift will be the language Apple will depend more upon. As per Apple, Swift is likewise 2.6 times quicker than Objective C Therefore it is astute to learn and dominate it.

• Objective-C:   The first language picked by Steve Jobs, Objective-C is a language that stems from the programming language C. Objective-C has a related construction and syntax to C. This makes this language simple to learn and dominates for a greater part of the developers who definitely know the language C. A portion of its key elements such as general-purpose, object-oriented, supports encapsulation, data binding, legacy, supports irregularity handling, also operator overloading.   

• Xcode:   Like Objective-C, Xcode was the first integrated development environment (IDE) utilized by Apple. Xcode, first delivered in 2003, is utilized to develop software in macOS, iOS, iPad, watchOS, and tvOS. It gives developers an incorporated work process for coding, testing, investigating, and UI planning. Xcode becomes important for developers as its dominating aids in cross-gadget improvement. It has a few progressed features like instrument analysis tools, brand new SDKs, developing custom instruments to analyze codes, etc. .  

• RayGun:   Raygun is a cloud-based software that reports mistakes, and crashes, and screens the presentation of web and mobile applications. RayGun upholds in excess of 30 languages and frameworks, which makes it a tool that is cross-gadget and highly popular. Raygun4Apple library can be utilized to follow Objective-C as well as Swift applications. It empowers developers to get aggregated as well as individual crash reports. Parse likewise has a few extraordinary tools for investigating  

• RxSwift:   It is one of the most amazing library assets out there. RxSwift is a structure for working with the Swift programming language and depends on responsive programming. RxSwift involves practical sort administrators for occasion-based and offbeat code. Nonsynchronous programming works on the presentation and responsiveness of the application. RxSwift allows code to respond and deal with information in a perfect, disconnected, and successive way. It allows code to run equally accordingly expanding the usefulness of the application.  

Our iPhone app development services


iPhone UI/UX Design:

Our UX configuration group has inside and out expertise in planning outwardly engaging connection points and intuitive experiences for your iOS application. Our iPhone app development agency’s ability reaches out to center designs, contact taking care, motions, and liveliness too.


iPhone app development:

Expert enterprise's best iPhone app development company of developers is available to create a high-performance iPhone application for your business enterprise. Our high specialists will bring cooperatively rich skills, stage expertise, and the finest practices to create applications that give true value to customers and business enterprises.

Less Bugs

Custom iPhone apps:

If you need an application with special features that matches the requirements and beliefs of the users, we propose advanced custom iPhone applications for our customers. Join hands with an iPhone application development company like Frantic Infotech to hire iPhone app developers that have the capability of understanding your needs and developing provisional app solutions.

apple watch

Apple watches app development:

We develop creative, feature-rich, and flexible apple watch applications that will provide the best wearable experience for your customers. Whether it is fitness applications, travel, or mobile payment applications, we have all the necessary technologies and knowledge to build them all.

Combined UI/UX

iPhone app testing:

We just don’t develop mobile applications, but also deploy perfect applications. Our QA experts make sure that each and every application we create should be tested thoroughly around the complete stages of development and that the customer gets a high-quality, bug-free solution..


iPhone app maintenance and support:

Beyond just providing mobile app development processes and services, we give trustworthy maintenance and support services that keep your application fully operational through its life expectancy. Our iPhone mobile application development company also keeps an eye on screen applications progressively, decreases downtime, and increases accessibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is iPhone app development?

Ans: iPhone application development is the most common way of making mobile applications for Apple equipment, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The product is written in the Swift programming language or Objective-C and afterward conveyed to the App Store for clients to download.

2. How to make an iPhone app?

Ans:First of all clearly define why you need to develop your own application, then you are required to research competitors, find the potential clients of that mobile app, planning takes place in next step, development of app takes place, and at last testing, deploying, and promoting takes place. This is how iPhone app development software works.

3. What programming language is used for the iPhone app?

Ans: Swift is a powerful and instinctive programming language made by Apple for building applications for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. It's intended to give designers more opportunity than any other time in recent memory. Swift is not difficult to utilize and open source, so anybody with a thought can make something unbelievable.

4. How does the iPhone app make money?

Ans: In basic words, in-application buys help the application proprietors to sell their virtual things in a simple manner. According to Forbes, applications that are stacked with the limit of in-application buys capitalize on the cash for the application proprietors. The pattern is relied upon to overwhelm before very long too.