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Native Mobile app development

Native mobile app development states that developing a mobile application for a solitary platform. Since a native app is developed for the use of a specific device and its operating system, it has the option of using device-specific hardware and software. Native mobile app development services can give advanced performance and can take the advantage of the latest technology like GPS, in contrast to web applications and mobile cloud applications developed to be generic over multiple platforms. The two primary Operating Systems are Apple iOS and Google android. Native applications are written in preliminarily utilized code for the device and its Operating System. Native apps work with the device's operating system to allow them to run faster and more flexibly than other types of apps.

Native mobile app development is an exciting endeavor, allowing for the creation of dynamic experiences and innovative solutions. As a native mobile app development company, we can attest to the complexity and challenges that such projects present. It requires mastery over multiple technologies, from native user interface design languages like Swift or Kotlin, to server-side logic written in languages like Node.js or Java.

If the app is marketed to users of different types of devices, developers create a separate version of the app for each of them. With the best native mobile app development services proper planning and forethought, even the most complex apps can be crafted into stunning works of art – both visually and technically. The native mobile app development framework is one of the best frameworks that will help you to achieve your desired goal.

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Reasons to choose Frantic Infotech as a native mobile app development company



While maximum hybrid applications rely only on the security of the system browser, cross-platform and native applications are protected by various layers of an operating system, making them difficult to misuse with the help of a native mobile app development company. However, they also do not rely on the third-party system, using only official APIs that have been rigorously inspected over various system versions. Eventually, even launches of the official platform occur less frequently than launches of the framework. With Frantic Infotech’s native app development services, you can expect software that is reliable, well-tested, and more secure.



Maintenance of native applications can be a little bit complex as compared to hybrid applications maintenance because the advanced version of the application must be launched. When the app is maintained by an experienced native mobile app development company like us the users can easily get information about the update easily. Also, the cross-platform native mobile apps transmit the information during the installation time only. This means that your application doesn't need to be updated constantly, so unlike the mobile store or magazine which is intended for hybrid applications. This states that each and everything depends on the type of application and the native app development services provided.

Less Bugs

Less Bugs

It is hard to sustain two different applications within a solitary codebase than two applications in two different codebases. By using native mobile app development services, you will be less dependent on bugs as you will not be dependent on a cross-platform tool like Cordova or Xamarin. Hybrid applications can easily access hardware with the help of a bridge that occasionally app development and also can create a troublesome user experience. This issue can be seen during the launch of the iOS and Android versions.

Combined UI/UX

Combined UI/UX

For a native app development platform, UI or UX must be combined and appropriately learned by the users. On this platform, the entire complete user interface will be standard in native applications. With native app development services, there will be a decreased learning curve and people acknowledge the ways of navigation in your app. User experience will automatically get better with the performance. During the development time of the applications, designers and developers find it easy to apply the best standards and practices. These all are the reasons that react native mobile applications development company gives the best user experience and user interface.



At Frantic infotech native mobile app development services provides native applications that can be easily arranged as they must be united with a single stage. Even though there are two native assignments, they are different because of native app development services you don't have to worry about app dependency compatibility between versions for different platforms (iOS, Android) and you are free to use every new feature on a platform provided. With fewer restrictions, it becomes simpler to scale. If you need to integrate the advantages of both native and hybrid mobile app development solutions, you have to begin natively and then expand the few smaller application modules with additional hybrid code. This is a safe method used by some tech giants in the market like Airbnb and Facebook. Similar methods are also used by our native mobile app development company.

Difference between Native mobile app and Hybrid mobile app

Mobile can be classified into two parts: native and hybrid applications. Both the methods have homogenous features and designs but the primary technology used is kinda different. Hybrid applications as the name suggest hybrid applications are the fusion of web applications and native mobile applications. One can easily develop them with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies.

The main advantage of the hybrid application is that its portability and simplicity of development. One has to write the code of the application only once and the application will be able to run on all the Operating Systems. ionic and Apache Cordova can be easily used in order to develop cross-platform hybrid applications. With the comparison, the native applications must be written in particular platform languages like Java, Swift, or Objective-C.

Native mobile apps can access the built-in smartphone features, such as camera and microphone, by default. If you have a hybrid application, you must rely on plugins such as Cordova plugins to use the native functionality of the user's device.

The hybrid application relies on WebViews to provide its user interfaces. WebViews are in-app browsers that permit mobile applications to approach and display information. That is how Android and ios devices are able to run hybrid applications developed utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as native mobile applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Native mobile app development?

Ans: Native mobile application development is the process of developing applications that will run on specific devices and platforms. Java and Kotlin are utilized for developing native Android applications and Swift or Objective-C Will be utilized for developing iOS applications.

2. Is react-native good for mobile app development?

Ans: If you want to develop an application for both iOS and android then the react-native will be the best tool for application development. It ultimately reduces the codebase by 95% which will ultimately save time and money of yours. React Native consists of various open-source libraries of pre-built elements that can help you additionally increase the development process speed.

3. Difference between mobile app development native and hybrid?

Ans: A native application smart mobile app designed particularly for an operating system while hybrid applications are at the core, websites packaged into a native wrapper.

4. Why choose to react native for mobile app development?

Ans: There are numerous reasons that why you should choose native mobile app development over hybrid app development as it provides the flawless user experience, best performance, user interface, and many more. Also, native applications offer more advantages in the long run than hybrid applications.