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Android taxi app

Android Taxi App Development

In the present time, the technology is upgrading very fastly also the reach of the internet to the people is increasing day by day that has led to the development of unique mobile applications even for their daily routine tasks. Likewise, commuting has now become seriously simple as compared to before due to which now people are up to utilize taxi booking applications that are available on application stores. There are a large amount of taxi booking applications on application stores and also there is always hope and scope for the latest features and superior applications.

Develop your own taxi booking application just like Uber, Ola and can obtain a robust profit from your own taxi business. Become a respectable leader in the taxi industry with the best android taxi app development solutions or develop an application just like Uber with one of the top android taxi app development services of Frantic Infotech.

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Why is Taxi booking is On-Demand mobile application?

Nowadays, the traditional technique of booking a taxi is vanishing. This is a new era and the people are looking for the latest and simple ways of booking a taxi and one of the best ways is to develop an application. There are a lot of taxi booking applications prevailing on the app stores with excellent features. It is the hard work and determination of mobile application development companies like Frantic Infotech that have led to the growth of mobile applications.

The functioning of these android mobile applications is very simple. The user is required to download the app from the app store on mobile phones. The alternative of selecting an app depends on numerous factors such as location, reviews, the rating available of the application, also the types of services offered by them.

When the application is installed then the customer has to register in that application and select their location according to their requirements which makes it easy for them to book a taxi with just one click only. The application also allows the customers to select their car according to their needs. Customers can also compare the charges of the different cars according to the time distance of their route. Finally by clicking on the confirm your ride gets booked.

Android Taxi App Development Online Services


Taxi booking services:

Do you possess a taxi to employ a business or startup? Would you like to turn it digital to offer better services to your clients? You are on the quickest route to digitalization. We have a team of taxi application designers, which creates on-par ride-hailing applications that can assist you with improving your business prepared to deal with more tours and bookings. From tracking drivers to creating automated solicitations to permitting riders to make bookings in a couple of snaps, you will actually be capable to oversee everything from your application.


Car rentals or Cab hiring:

Do you have an agile of vehicles that you need to set up for lease? We design software for that as well. Regardless of whether you're now in the rental vehicle business or are simply wandering into it, we can give you a modified taxi application improvement for your business. With our custom application improvement, you can monitor your bookings, solicitations and deal with your armada proficiently. Aside from that, you can likewise permit your client base to check rates, set length and book rental vehicles straightforwardly from their telephones.

Less Bugs

Limousine services:

Limos can never become unpopular. Truth be told, they set the style. Subsequently, assuming you maintain a limousine service business, you won't ever be bankrupt. To possess the market by extending your limousine business, we can develop a classy ride-booking application for your business. In this time of digitalization, you will not just be giving your clients proficient limousine rental services yet will likewise be providing them with the adaptability of booking limos in a hurry or from the comforts of their homes.

Combined UI/UX

Corporate taxi services:

Big industries and organizations require taxis consistently for their high-level leaders and directors. Notwithstanding, at times it becomes hard for the assistants of the directors to monitor booking according to the continually changing timetable and they carry on with a daily existence where postpones aren't actually endured. So would you say you are maintaining a taxi business for corporates and need to extend it? We can create an application for you that will make things simpler for your customers and help you to stay aware of the continually evolving requests.


Fleet management:

As far as we might be concerned, it doesn't actually make any difference in the number of vehicles you have. It very well maybe 10 or it very well maybe 1,000, all we know is the means by which to develop a fleet management app development that you can use to deal with them better. With our fleet management app development, you can monitor the location of every vehicle, see the situation with fixes, actually look at the accessibility, create solicitations and compute benefits across the board place. Sounds simple? You better arrange a get-away on the grounds that you'll set aside cash and time with a fleet management solution.

Cost of Taxi App Development in Android with Frantic Infotech

The development cost of taxi applications depends on various factors such as the development team's core tech expertise, location, and the number of features that are to be included in the application.

The core tech expertise implies whether the company’s development team has developed similar projects in their past and also whether they are aware of the technology or the application which they are going to develop.

That also implies that the taxi application developers require less time for their beginning research due to which you can get your application at your affordable budget and within a short period of time and Frantic Infotech developers have the capability of developing such mobile applications.

The location of the taxi app development team also determines the hourly rate of the app developer. In US and Canada, the rate of the developer’s team is $100 to $250 per hour while in eastern Europe the developer charges from $35 to $50 per hour.

Sometimes this money sounds big for the start-ups but Frantic Infotech has all the solutions for their problems. The company will be providing the solutions for your mobile app according to your budget.

The development cost of mobile applications also depends on the features of the app. If there are a large number of features to be included then the cost of development will be high or else if the features are low then the development cost will also be below. Also before hiring or including the number of features in the application you must think about the problems that can be faced during the android taxi app development process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is android taxi app development?

Ans: Taxi application development is one such area of specialization that includes drivers and travelers, drawing in on the intuitive foundation of taxi application for their requirements. Travelers request the ride and drivers recognize the ride.

2. How much does it cost to develop a taxi app?

Ans: The development cost of a taxi application depends on the features that are to be included in the application. The more features more will be the cost of development.

3. Which is the best taxi app development company?

Ans: Frantic Infotech is one of the best taxi app development companies in India and the USA having years of experience in app development and experienced developers.

4. How does the taxi app work?

Ans: They download an application, open it, make an account, enter their present location and destination. Then, at that point, this request is coordinated to the drivers close by. At the point when one of them affirms a ride, a traveler gets data concerning this driver and his/her vehicle.

5. Can you add different payment gateways in my taxi booking app?

Ans: Utilizing the various payment gateways creates a big industrial sense when you think about the flexibility it provides your team. By working with different payment gateways, you can promptly move your exchanges to one more accomplice on a case-by-case basis. There are numerous gateways accessible for traders to utilize.