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One of the emerging trends in the web portal development industry is that B2C sites are in vogue now as compared to Business-to-Company (B2B) sites. This is because it is becoming easier for organizations and enterprises to deliver a larger range of products and services directly to their customers via globes in a safe and secure way. Hence, the emerging trend of B2C website development company. There was a period when online shopping was yet to come into being. It was the business-to-business (B2B) websites that were ruling over the online portals of the world. B2C development sites started surfacing in the late 90s and early 2000s but with stagnant growth at that time.

However, from 2006, B2C website development companies have taken a fast track growth and became popular across the globe. In fact, many large enterprises in India, the USA, and other European countries showcased their products on B2C portals for sales.

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Our B2C Website Development Services

Combined UI/UX

B2C Custom Website Development Services

With the birth and the ever-growing web presence of Social Media, B2C custom website development Services have evolved as the main tool for businesses to gain differentiation in the mind of customers and connect with them. B2C businesses always require custom eCommerce websites. But creating something that is going to impress customers is not an easy task. We always keep in mind the changing trends of your business and offer you a website that leaves customers impressed. Our main focus is on placating business needs with our B2C Custom Website Design Company and we achieve that with the implementation of the latest B2C website development tools.


B2C multilingual website development Services

We offer B2C Multi-lingual Website Development Services with localization, translation, and adaptation of the same to the international market. We help you to expand your business by having your services and products communicated accurately to your target market. There are many small and mid-sized companies that want to strengthen their presence in international markets. A multilingual B2C website provides them with the possibility of serving customers from different countries, both on a national and regional level with an affordable B2C website development cost. Multilingualism is a very important aspect of business communication, especially in an era when communication technologies have an amazing expansion.

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B2C Redesign Website Development Services

Website redesign services are one of the most important parts of any ongoing business. So if you are looking for the best B2C redesign website development services then your search ends here. Frantic B2C website development team is a well-known web design company that offers highly advanced and modern B2C redesign website development services. Our B2C redesign website development services are provided by our professional B2C website developers. They have great experience in creating and designing B2C websites that give your business a fantastic online image yet keep the users entertained with interactive content.

Combined UI/UX

B2C eCommerce website development services

B2C Ecommerce Website Development Company are designed to the needs of clients by applying the skill of advanced technologies in order to make an optimized marketing presence across digital platforms. Our team of B2C website developers delivers a platform that expands your markets, provides more choices, and opens more opportunities for your business. Our versatile B2C website projects are scalable, flexible, secure, and scalable to match future changes in technology.

Combined UI/UX

B2C Responsive Website Development Services

Whether your target audience is big or small, having responsive B2C website development is necessary. A responsive B2C website can aid your business to spread its tentacles on a wider basis through the internet. Your B2C website must offer a seamless experience to the user on all devices. Being one of the top B2C website development company, our experienced team of B2C responsive website developers offers you a website that can give you a fantastic experience over all devices including laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc.


B2C Website Maintenance Services

Keeping your website updated will help you a lot in the long run. Our Website maintenance services include updating your site, repairing broken links, and fixing any other errors that may be there. B2C Website Maintenance Services is essential for all businesses particularly if they are using the internet to drive new customers. It requires a significant effort on your behalf in order to build a successful business online which is why we offer B2C Website Maintenance Services.

Why B2C Website Development

As the online shopping trend is increasing nowadays and most business portals take this demand as a response and implement their portal in such a way that users can directly purchase their offered products through it. By purchasing things through online websites, the user can get access to a larger range of products, so they can choose what they like instead of visiting multiple local markets to purchase it. B2C Website Development is worth investing in if you're planning to start an eCommerce business because it gives you a great chance to increase your profit by making your end product available all around the globe. With B2C website development services, we make sure that our clients will get the best-in-class solutions for all their product promotion needs.

Benefits of B2C Website Development Process

There are many benefits of choosing a B2C website development process over a B2B website and the benefits of having an eCommerce store over a non-eCommerce website. These include lower prices, direct communication with buyers (which can build loyalty), wider reach, increased accessibility for your users, and personalization options.

A well-known study found that 89 percent of consumers trusted online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family.

Why Choose Frantic B2C Website Development Company in India

Whether you're running a traditional brick-and-mortar retail business or an online business, there's almost no way you're keeping up with the growing demands of your customers without a trustworthy B2C website development company in India. Here at Frantic, we serve B2C website development with affordable web design and great customer service.

When it comes to mobile-ready website development services, we include mobile-friendly features in our custom designs that not only make it easier for your users to find what they’re looking for on their mobile or handheld devices but also help improve your rankings with today’s search engines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is B2C website?

Ans:B2C websites, also called retail eCommerce or consumer-to-consumer sales, is a business website model that involves sales between online businesses and consumers.

2.How do I make a B2C website?

Ans:The key to building a user-friendly B2C website is to anticipate what your customers want and to make your website intuitive and easy to use. You should focus on figuring out how users can interact with your site easily, quickly, and intuitively.

3. What are a few examples of B2C companies?

Ans:A few examples of some well-established B2C companies are Amazon, Google, Facebook, Walmart, Alibaba, etc.

4.What kind of technologies do you use for B2C website development?

Ans:The technologies we use are the latest and established. Whereas the tool we use can majorly depend on the requirements of your website, the general technologies, and tools that we use are Java, PHP, Drupal, HTML 5, WordPress, and so on.

5.Can a website be both B2B and B2C?

Ans:Yes, this can be possible in many cases. Whereas creating a website that meshes both B2B and B2C practices isn't easy, it's worth the effort.