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Android social app

Android Social App Development

Social media is a powerful tool that updates the connection and interactivity between numerous people around the world. Social media applications act as a significant way of urging people and appealing to customers successfully. By acknowledging the latest trends over the digital world various other business organizations are seeking android social app development help. Frantic Infotech is a prize-gaining android social app development company.

We develop appealing and interactive social media apps accompanying the world altogether and assist you to connect people with their family, friends, and their co-workers. Our creative applications are developed keeping in mind the requirements and audience that is to be targeted. Our company comprises an influential and expert team of android social media app developers that acknowledges each and every single detail of the android social media app development process and deploy ascendable results on time.

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Cracking the different types of social media apps secret


Social Networking Sites:

Everyone is familiar with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. These networking sites assist us by connecting with our friends, family, and brands. They motivate knowledge-sharing and also the personal and other people interact with one another. The users can exchange their views, pastor content, share their photos and videos, etc. They are developed over the user and each and every single thing is important to them and for their social circles. Also, they assist us to calculate the social media ROI that assists in developing a successful marketing strategy.


Social review sites:

Review sites such as Yelp and Tripadvisor shows feedback of all the people living in all types of location and having experience of it. This decreases the efforts of deciding whether to utilize that product or visit that place or not. If you are still not sure then you are free to check our reviews section and your doubt will be over.

Less Bugs

Image sharing sites:

Visible content such as images, infographics, and illustrations catches our eyes and creativeness. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Imgur, and Snapchat are developed in order to magnify the potentiality of image sharing. Clients make, curate, and offer one-of-a-kind pictures that flash discussion and represent themselves. A picture can justify 1,000 words to your business.

Combined UI/UX

Video hosting sites:

Youtube has changed the way of watching, developing, and thinking about videos. It has changed the medium into something obtainable. Latest enhancements in technology and availability assisted video with exceeding all expectations the way. Video hosting sites such as Youtube and Vimeo assists developers to place cooperatively content and deploy it to a stage advanced for streaming. This conveniently creates video as an important medium.


Community blogs:

Once in a while a picture or post isn't perplexing enough for the message you must share, however not every person on the web needs to run a blog from a self-facilitated site. That is a ton of work. Shared contributing to a blog stage like Medium and Tumblr give individuals a space to communicate their musings and assist with associating them with readers. These people group blog sites give a crowd of people while permitting a lot of space for customization and self-articulation.

One-end solution for the best android social app development services

The applications that are designed by our android social media app developers are not only to assist people in connecting them with their personal bonds but also with their professional co-workers. Our developers have proficiency in designing android social apps according to the requirements of the organization. Our company recognizes the importance of social interactivity and connecting with people for the sake of business therefore we never lack when it comes to completing our responsibilities.

We will provide you with the application only after the testing process in order to provide you with a bug and error-free application. Our developers develop an amazing user-friendly application with their incomparable skills. We make sure that our client doesn’t have t face any problem from our side that is one of the main reasons why we look at each and every feature deliberately.

We ensure the timely deployment of the application without any bugs and problems. The application is developed by our highly qualified and experienced dedicated team of developers with 100% customer satisfaction. Frantic Infotech has the main objective is to provide services to their customers. We provide perfect Social networking app development solutions to organizations who want to expand their business with the help of social media platforms. We are always doing hard work in order to meet customers’ expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is android social media app development?

Ans: Clients from everywhere the world are dynamic on long-range social media applications, staying in contact with companions and far-off family members, developing their expert organization, looking for their perfect partner, and trading a wide range of data and experiences.

2. How to make a social networking app for android?

Ans: First of all target the audience and purpose with different features and functions. Then the designing and development part takes place for the growth of the community and reach of your business organization.

3. How much does social network app development cost?

Ans: The common expense to develop a social media application like Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, can be going from $35,000 to $50,000+, depending on the variables like application type, features, intricacy, design, software improvement, and more that impact its development cost.

4. What is the general android social media app development process you follow?

Ans: Pick a unique design for your application. Alter the plan as indicated by your business. ... Add the highlights you really want. Add the highlights you need to make an interpersonal organization application without coding. Distribute your application to driving application stor