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On Demand Android app

On-demand android app development

Science and technology have been developing day-by-day to fulfill our daily requisites and make life easy and convenient. Therefore, we get everything from groceries to taxis, food to medicines at our doorstep with a few clicks on our mobile. It is all being possible with the help of on-demand android app development. Frantic Infotech's on-demand android app development services have come into existence in the context of user experience and satisfaction. Our on-demand android app development company creates service apps or platforms for users to connect them with a business or service provider to fetch essential services whenever they want.

How does the On-demand android app development process work?

These apps cater to services quicker and more conveniently and charge a few pence in return. Here is how such apps work:

  1. 1. Apps affiliate or tie-up with a few service providers.
  2. 2. Users choose their service and preferable service provider.
  3. 3. Then they place an order or request the service
  4. 4. Apps send their request to that service provider.
  5. 5. User initiates their payment, and it gets authorized.
  6. 6. The service gets delivered by the service provider to the users.
  7. 7. Users confirm the delivery and payment.

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Frantic Infotech provides great help to the people who are seeking for best android chat app development company services as our developers have years of experience and also the projects which we have finished flawlessly. Our developers utilize the latest android chat app development tools for amazing app creation.

• Apps that connect person to person: In such apps, one user can interact with another individual to ask for a particular service. For instance, an on-demand Android app development solution helps you find another person to take a cab, look after your kid, or walk your dog.

• Apps that connect an enterprise to a user: A classic example can be a food delivery app, where a user places an order to the app which and the service is delivered by an enterprise. Other instances can be medicine delivery or products delivery apps.

• Apps that connect Enterprise to Enterprise: Nowadays, on-demand android app development projects are getting popular. In these types of apps, one business can connect to another business for exchanging services. An example can be an enterprise purchasing raw material for their manufacturing purposes from another business.

Cost of developing On-Demand android applications

Any service provider or business owner will wonder how much on-demand android app costs. Of course, various factors can influence the cost determination, but there is a thumb rule consisting of 2 basic factors. Those are the total time that it takes to develop an app and the hourly charge of a developer.

Thus, an on-demand app development costs= Total time to develop an app X Developer’s hourly charge.

Now, the first factor affecting the cost is the size of an app. Below is a table that shows the tentative cost of an on-demand app as per its size:

Size of an App Features Costs
Small 5 essential features + sign up and login pages + static content 4,000 USD to 10,000 USD
Medium 7-10 essential features + sign up and login pages + static content 10,000 USD to 50,000 USD
Enterprise 12-18  essential features + sign up and login pages + static content Over 50,000 USD

The second factor is the number of features and their complexity in the app. The higher the feature the higher will be the complexity and according to that price varies. For example, the cost of developing an application for a single platform is 60,000 USD, for multi-platform applications it varies between 60,000 USD to 1,50,000 USD, and at last for the complex applications, the cost can go beyond 3,00,000 USD.

There is one more major factor at which the cost of on-demand android app development services depends is 3rd party API integration. For example, The charges charged for Facebook API are 600 USD with the features of authentication and authorization, for Google API are 800 USD for Geolocation access or navigation, for booking API are 800 USD for access accommodation facilities, prices, and queries from hotels and restaurants across the globe, and at last for movie database API are 600 USD for access movie details such as title, rating, release date, duration, views, plots, awards, etc.

Some other major factors are payment integration, design of the app, and screen numbers, whether it is native, web or hybrid, and online or offline app. However, if you hire mobile app developers from various locations, the cost will vary. Like in India, the cost is 18 USD to 40 USD per hour whereas in the USA it can rise to 100 to 150 USD.

Our Company Frantic Infotech provides the best android applications with the help of advanced and featured technology. Our professional developers have experience of many years in android app development. Before handing over the application to the clients we provide the full knowledge about the handling and how to use that application with the help of on-demand android app development examples so that it becomes easy for the user to use that application and also the customer can use it up to its full potential.

Tools utilized by Frantic Infotech for On-demand android app development

Android app developers are being able to produce all these on-demand service apps more efficiently and much faster due to plentiful IDEs. But more importantly, they also have a handful of time-efficient tools and technologies for their job. The followings are some of those on-demand android app development tools:

In general, there are tonnes of useful tools for creating an on-demand service app for android mobile phones. However, each developer possesses their own preference to work with environments and tools depending on the type of app they are producing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is android social media app development?

Ans: Clients from everywhere the world are dynamic on long-range social media applications, staying in contact with companions and far-off family members, developing their expert organization, looking for their perfect partner, and trading a wide range of data and experiences.

2. How to make a social networking app for android?

Ans: First of all target the audience and purpose with different features and functions. Then the designing and development part takes place for the growth of the community and reach of your business organization.

3. How much does social network app development cost?

Ans: The common expense to develop a social media application like Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, can be going from $35,000 to $50,000+, depending on the variables like application type, features, intricacy, design, software improvement, and more that impact its development cost.

4. What is the general android social media app development process you follow?

Ans: Pick a unique design for your application. Alter the plan as indicated by your business. ... Add the highlights you really want. Add the highlights you need to make an interpersonal organization application without coding. Distribute your application to driving application stor