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Android is used by billions of people worldwide, including you. It's even possible that your life revolves around this outstanding mobile operating system and everything it provides. But have you ever wondered how it's made, who develops it, and why? Have you ever questioned what goes into this multimillion-dollar tech project? Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world and has quickly become the go-to platform for smartphone users. It offers a rich ecosystem of well over a million apps for users to choose from. The Android app developer market has experienced a large increase in the number of application developers. There are plenty of factors that contribute to this rise such as the popularity of smartphones, the growth and cost advantages of outsourcing, and the rise in consumer use. As consumers continue to demand more from their smartphones and app developers, a competitive field will develop over the next few months.

Google Play Store - The Heaven of Android App Developers

Google Play is one of the world's most popular mobile app stores, and it can be a great way to make an Android app available to millions of users around the world. However, getting your app into Google Play can be challenging, because it requires you to use a handful of development tools that have traditionally been difficult to master. That's why in this article, We'll break down the most important parts of Google Play and give you some tips for how to get ready for submitting your own Android apps to get approved as quickly as possible.

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Frantic iOS and Android App Developer - Coding Your Ideas

If you have been looking for an ideal android iOS and app developer company, then look no further. At Frantic Inofotech, we'll take a look at everything involved in the successful development of an Android app — from the basics of Android programming and Google Play to features like in-app purchasing and localization. While hiring an Android App Developer, many questions might strike your mind. The foremost is, why would you need a developer to create an Android app? Why can’t you get it done with some Android App developer tutorial? Well, that all depends on the scope of your project — are you interested in developing a fun app to entertain users? Or maybe a utility app to perform everyday functions? These are both great starting points for developers to work with an Android app from scratch. If you have other plans in mind, such as replicating a service offered by another app, then we’ll take a look at that as well.

Features section of our Android App Development

Guaranted success

Guaranteed Success

We guarantee your app will be successful — if it isn't, we'll be here with our 24*7 support team! We're proud of our success rate of more than 95% (based on sales data) with satisfied clients all over the globe. We'd love to work with you on your next app — be it an app for iOS, Android, or any other mobile platform. We'll take care of every aspect of development from networking, to security to usability. Every project is handled with personal care and attention from our team of experts. Whether you need help with your idea or the development of a new app for your business, we are here.

Emerging technologies

Emerging Technologies

Our team of Android programming experts works with the latest android app developer language and trending technologies to improve your business growth. Our dedicated team of Android apps developers is extremely passionate and they have exceptional knowledge in development and designing. They work with frameworks including Flutter, Xamarin, React-Native, Ionic (LESS) and can build Android native as well as cross-platform based apps.

Less Bugs

Results in a Jiffy

Speed is a key part of app design. If a user spends more than three seconds staring at a screen that has failed to load, there’s a good chance that they will close the app and look for something else more interesting. Studies have shown that people’s eyes glaze over after six seconds of stasis; which means an app should have speed loading, and we deliver exactly that.

Right search

Find it Right With a Search

One of the more underrated app search options is a simple search bar. While it’s not exactly ground-breaking, users will appreciate this particularly if you want them to discover new aspects of the app or find something that has since been removed. This particular search includes options for both within the android app itself and also an internet browser meaning you only need to code one search bar for the entire product.

Combined UI/UX


Does your app keep records of personal information? Do you store credit or debit card details? With Frantic Android app development, you don’t have to worry about security anymore. We are experienced in ensuring high-quality app development that keeps data safe and also increases an app’s efficiency when controlling it from a central dashboard from anywhere in the world.