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The evolution of human life should be possible with the transformation of on-demand applications.

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On-Demand iOS Development Company Services

The evolution of human life should be possible with the transformation of on-demand applications. Every day new applications come into the human world and make our life convenient and straightforward. Just clicking on the button of the smartphone screen is enough to fulfill any of the requests of its owners. That is why there is a craze spread for on-demand mobile applications in the contemporary world.

We are the top-on-demand iOS development company that offers you state-of-the-art on-demand iOS applications with full consultation and support throughout the application development process.

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Types of On-Demand iOS App Development that We Offer

Customer Support Services

Customer Support Services

The on-demand iOS development solutions support in the domain of customer services. There is a hassle when a client contacts its technical team due to networking issues. But after the entry of the customer support application, the scenario is entirely different. Now clients can book appointments with customer support on call, search for a query and generate tickets only by touching the smartphone screen. That enhances satisfaction between clients and employers. The on-demand iOS application resolves human errors by employing an artificial intelligence chatbot that gives 24X7 support to the clients.

Pharmaceutical Courier

Pharmaceutical Courier

The on-demand pharmaceutical application makes connecting customers to local medical shops. It is a big hurdle for customers to go to remote local shops to buy medicines by wasting their precious time. This hurdle is now overcome after the incoming of the Sanjeevini application. By simply touching the smartphone, customers can book medicine from the application by uploading their prescriptions. And treatment will reach their doorstep within hours. Besides, they can pay online instead of being cash. The most important feature of the application, they track the status of their orders by their smartphones.

Legal Solutions

Legal Solutions

The legal on-demand application helps both clients and their lawyers. By this platform, now lawyers can file the registration for their clients whom they are advocating for the case applications. They can easily manage and maintain all the legal documents related to clients' hearing and supporting things in the application locker. Using this app's notification feature, lawyers inform their clients about the hearing date and what documents they take when they come to the hearing. Clients can download legal documents sent by their lawyers by using the application.

Food Delivery

Food Delivery

Food on-demand delivery application is a bridge between customers and restaurant owners. Customers get their food at their doorstep from this application, and restaurant owners can generate more revenue. They need to download and install the application on your smartphone. After that, customers can select food orders from the menu list by clicking on them. When food is prepared, the restaurant owner informs the courier partner who takes the order for delivery to the customer. Courier delivers the charges at the doorstep of the customers.

Various types of on-demand app development services by Frantic Infotech

On-demand Application For Legal Services

Using an app eliminates the paperwork in legal services, which makes lawyers' work easy. If you are a lawyer, you can manage and store your clients' hearing reports by just touching your smartphone's screen via the app. We are the top on-demand iOS development company that provides you best in the class on-demand legal app.

On-Demand Application For Customer Support Services

Winning the customers’ trust and becoming loyal to them is a need of every business. Suppose you are facing networking and communication issues to connect with your customer. This app gives you all inbuilt features like chatbot's speedy resolutions to resolve your customer queries. Our developers make the best app for you by using an on-demand iOS app development tool.

On-Demand Application For Pharmaceutical Courier Services

Medicine is the demand of every hospital and patient. If you are a medical shop owner, this app is for you to fulfil your selling target. This app not only enhances your revenue but also connects suitable needy ones. You can schedule a meeting with our on-demand iOS app developers to get the best app.

On-Demand Application For Food Delivery Services

Eating a variety of foods is a craze for everyone. But they do not want to go outside their home. If you're going to start a restaurant business or become a restaurant owner, this app helps you connect with hungry customers. We have a skilled team of on-demand iOS developers who will create an app relevant to your business solution.

On-Demand iOS Development Process followed by Frantic Infotech

Strategy, Research, and Analysis

  • Strategy to convert ideas into a realistic model.
  • Research overlooks, features and functions
  • Analyses the app user's goals and objectives

Prioritize the Application Design

  • Examine the suitability of an intuitive user interface and user experience.
  • Ensure it is easy to navigate and control.
  • Prepare a list of engaging features and tools.
  • Make a list of background music, animated content.

Go through the Apple’s Guidelines

  • Check updated Apple app’s store guidelines.
  • Aware of legal and business formalities and safety standards

Prepare Wireframes and Prototypes

  • Prepare conceptual layouts as per functional requirements.
  • Create wireframe for designing app layouts
  • Prototype development.
  • Early-stage testing of app’s design and performance.

Application Testing

  • Testing under international standards
  • Free of bugs and flaws
  • Check superfast performance

Implementation and Deployment

  • Handover to the client
  • Launching the application from the client-side.
  • Submit to Apple app’s store

Post Maintenance of the Application

  • Resolve technical issues
  • Round the clock support by developers
  • Maintenance services.
  • Render updations and patches

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FAQs for On-Demand iOS Application Development

1. What is On-Demand iOS App Development?

Ans: On-demand iOS application development is creating an app that connects customers with various service providers and vice-versa. They give access to users to order any service and strive to deliver it within a stipulated period.

For example, we are booking a ride with Uber, ordering food meals from Uber Eats.

2. How much does it cost to develop an On-Demand Service App for iOS?

Ans: The cost to develop an On-Demand Service App for iOS is

  • A simple iOS app with a primary interface and set of must-have features costs is $40000 to $60000.
  • Medium complexity iOS app development costs between $61000 to $120000.
  • Complex application project costs of $120000 and more.
3. How do I create an on-demand iOS app?

Ans: There are many best cross-platform frameworks but according to the latest information the best frameworks are Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, NodeJS, Ionic.

4. How are cross-platform applications developed?

Ans: I obey these steps to create an on-demand iOS app development.

  • Find out customer requirements
  • Determine the specifics of the on-demand iOS app
  • Choose an on-demand iOS development company.
  • Prioritize the features
  • Create a minimum viable product
  • Consider future updates
4. What process your company follows to develop an On-Demand iOS App?

Ans: Our company follows these steps to develop an On-Demand iOS App

  • Understanding the needs
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Select on-demand iOS application development software.
  • Development procedure
  • Performance testing
  • Deployment
  • Support and Maintenance