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Almost all new websites which are designed these days require a mobile version of their website. It is very important that each website that is designed is responsive and compatible with various screen resolutions including IPAds, iPhones, Tablets, Android phones, and more. mobile applications aren't an accessory anymore, it is an integral part of your marketing activity. First of all, you should involve a Responsive Web Design Company who has deep knowledge about the android and IOS platform. The concept of responsive web design is beautiful.

It states that a website should respond to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. With the growth in mobile platforms, it becomes very important to understand how a website should react to various devices.

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Why You Need to Find the Best Responsive Web Design Company

Ensuring Responsive Web Design Templates for Software Companies is the most important factor to be considered nowadays while designing a new website. A website that is not designed by a professional responsive website design checker tool can lead to dropping in sales and popularity of your brand as customers will find it difficult to view your website on mobile devices. So if you are thinking of redesigning your website then you might want to take factors into consideration. A lot of people these days are scrolling their phones, as everyone has gotten used to having a mobile device in hand on a daily basis. This means that websites must have responsive features if they want to be able to service their customers. Responsive web design services were initially created in the early 2000s when many people were just getting onto the internet and cell phones with limited screen real estate were introduced into the market. These days you can find a wide range of websites that are built using responsive web design.

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Features of Our Responsive Website Design Process

In a Jiffy

In a Jiffy

A fast-loading website is what any customer wants these days. Google has made the user experience an important factor in the search engine ranking. Similarly, Frantic Responsive Web Design Services Company is a pro at creating fast-loading websites so that you can attract more visitors to your business and gain a competitive advantage over others. If you've ever been to a website on your smartphone, you'll notice that some websites load really fast and some really bad. At Frantic, we know how to make responsive website development and design fast so that you can increase your conversion rates and gain more potential leads.



At Frantic, a responsive web design service is more than just a catchy buzzword. While many developers are starting to use responsive web design as an ability to add and use new features, Frantic sees it as a way to better serve the users visiting your website. A user-friendly responsive website design features clear and easy-to-understand call-to-action buttons, easy communication channels and it takes the users straight to the information they are looking for. As a top responsive web design company, we incorporate a user experience that is consistent from one device to another.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Multi-Platform Compatibility

It's essential for a website to be cross-browser compatible. If your responsive Website is using an outdated browser, it creates frustrating experiences. Our responsive Websites are built using the most recent advancements in web technologies, which means we're using the latest programming languages, including HTML5 and CSS3. We use these languages to develop websites that are compatible with all major browsers — Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. At Frantic responsive web design services company, we provide our clients with high-quality, cross-browser-compatible responsive Websites at an affordable price.

Expertise at its Best

Expertise at its Best

Our expertise in the responsive web design template for software company field makes us a suitable choice for your project needs. With the help of our responsive web design service, you can easily achieve the goal of increasing your website’s web traffic and sales. At Frantic, we provide the best responsive web design services. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable designers offer an excellent responsive web design service. We use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, to ensure that the design offers a perfect reading experience, anytime and anywhere. This makes us a suitable choice for your project needs.

Treat to the Eyes

Treat to the Eyes

We create aesthetically pleasing websites that are rich in functionality while taking the visual look into consideration. With our manifold years of expertise in teamwork, we ensure that our client's requirements are fulfilled to their utmost satisfaction. Our team specializes in creating responsive website development and design that are professional looking and appealing, so you can target more users without worrying about your brand identity. With these designs, you get the amount of leads and sales you need to grow.

Overall view about responsive website designing

Emerging Demand of Responsive Website Design Services

Over the last few years, responsive web design has become increasingly popular. With the ever-growing mobile market, a responsive website design is no longer considered secondary to traditional desktop-only websites. Responsive web design provides website owners with an accessible user experience across a wide range of devices and screen sizes, regardless of whether or not your customers decide to visit your website from a computer or tablet.

Benefits of Responsive Website Design Process

Responsive Web design is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal user experience — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling — across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). It also avoids the need for software workarounds such as Flash. UI is designed on the basis that it should be consistent across various devices. It's all about delivering a site which is easier for you to use and good for your brand image.

The Best Responsive Website Design Company in India

Before deciding on a responsive web design company in India, it is vital to know how long they have been in the business. The level of expertise that you seek lies in their experience. Our designers have expertise and there is no better option than us for affordable, efficient and satisfactory responsive web design services. They have been involved with projects of all sizes, from hotel websites to game development. When it comes to coding, we believe that well-coded websites are the ones that offer easy navigation and scalability as your business grows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the responsive website designing process in frantic infotech?

Ans: A responsive web design process at Frantic is a process in which we imply creating a website or web app design that is compatible with different devices and performs great on various screens in terms of appearance and functioning.

2. Can you make my website mobile-friendly?

Ans: Yes, we can surely do that. And we do that with our top-notch responsive website designing process.

3. How long will you take to create my Responsive Website Design?

Ans: Depending on if the site is a redesign or a new design project it could take anywhere from 4-12 weeks. This also depends if the designer is dealing with a content management system (content written or not) or if it's straight HTML.

4. What are the Benefits of Responsive Website Design?

Ans: Responsive websites provide better user experiences on various mobile devices and help you to target specific users. It makes your website user friendly for your end users by allowing them to make it display in a way that is convenient for their device. Search engine optimization of responsive sites allows you to put all your content and images from any device, improving the Site ranking.