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Flutter App Developer that You Need

In response to software development challenges faced on projects with Google's Material Design, a team of four software engineers at Google decided to develop a new way of writing multi-platform applications using only one codebase. Flutter is an entirely open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) that leverages a specific type of User Interface (UI) language named Dart. Flutter is an open-source UI development kit from Google which allows you to build native mobile apps for Android, iOS, and other platforms. It was announced in May 2017. Flutter works with modern code and is used by developers and organizations around the world. The technology is backed by strong companies like Alibaba, Capital One, Didi, Disney Mobile, GEICO, Giphy, Alibaba, and others. If you wish to develop an application for multiple platforms using a single code, Flutter is what you are looking for.Flutter App Developer can easily use the Kotlin language to develop native apps on both iOS and Android from a single codebase. Recently, Flutter has become popular among flutter app developers as they consider the use of a single codebase the best option compared to the older cross-platform development options like Cordova and Xamarin.

Hire a Flutter App Developer and Elevate your Business

If you haven’t heard yet, in the mobile app development industry Flutter is gaining quite a lot of attention. It’s a cross-platform mobile app development framework developed by Google with Dart programming language which allows for easy creation of mobile apps with native feeling and look-and-feel using only a single codebase. You might be wondering if hiring a Flutter App Developer is any good when building an app for your business. The number of android applications and the iOS ones is quite high, but it doesn’t mean that we should forget about cross-platform app development. That is where Flutter App developers enter and scale up the game to a great extent. Well, we have listed some pros and cons of using Flutter as well as a few reasons that it could be extremely beneficial to you especially if your business is working in the financial sector or requires building a high-performance trading application that needs to be delivered quickly and cheaply.

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Is it relevant to hire a Flutter App Developer Company?

The answer to the above question is a big YES. You see, we’re one of the top flutter app developer services that work on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. These two platforms do offer a lot of solutions in terms of building robust apps without much hassle. But if we talk about today’s developing market, where companies are thinking beyond just one platform and want to create really engaging user experiences across multiple platforms, then the best solution is to go with Flutter app development. Let us tell you some of the relevant features of our Flutter App Developer process that will surely answer all your questions:

Features in Our Flutter App Development Process


Quick Loading

All developers want faster app development and now, Flutter is offering just that to the developers. Even though there are many features to talk about, the Hot Reloading feature will become a game-changer for Flutter. Hot Reloading also enables you to make live changes, which means that as soon as you make a change in your code and refresh the screen, it changes instantly.


Single Codebase

This is one of the most important features a cost-effective flutter app developer provides. The ability to build Android and ios applications with a single codebase has really taken the mobile development world by storm. One codebase for two platforms; that’s precisely what makes this tool special when compared to the other cross-platform development tools available in the industry. It is simple and super easy to use.

Less Bugs


Our full-stack flutter app developer includes built-in widgets features that make cross-platform mobile apps super fast and efficient to develop. A complete flutter app can be built within a few days, even hours! This has brought a flutter to the spotlight, as it is one of the top trending technologies for app development. Be it developing a beautiful sign-up screen, or adding a sweet-looking rating bar, you can do it all, in a matter of minutes.

Combined UI/UX

Quick Testing Along With QA

The first feature that our Flutter applications hold is faster testing and QA. Now, here’s how that works: During the development phase of mobile apps, features have to be tested on different platforms, namely Android and iOS. For a single codebase application, the time required for testing both platforms would usually be more. It is not only the mobile app developers who can reap benefits from this feature but also the end-users who are going to love it.