Which is the best option between Digital marketing and Machine learning?

The answer to this is a little tricky. As we know that digital marketing industry is growing at a really fast pace due to the current tragic times. The introduction of machine learning tools in the marketing strategy may help in seamless marketing processes and enhance business growth. Hence. applying Machine learning to Digital marketing strategy is the best possible and profitable answer to the earlier asked question. There are 98.2% of technicians that believe in the phenomenon that states, the future of digital marketing lies in the hands of digital marketers who are able to work alongside machine learning-based- tools.

What is Machine learning?

It is very easy to understand this, as machine learning and artificial intelligence are different from each other somehow end up complementing each other. As artificial intelligence(AI) is all about "thinking" minds, machine learning (ML) makes the life of humans simpler by providing solutions to their problems in a more efficient way. In short, ML is a subset of Artificial intelligence. Machine learning can benefit many businesses by finding the hidden knowledge in the consumer data that is already available, to streamline digital marketing processes.

What is the impact of machine learning on digital marketing?

Without making the digital marketers aware, Machine learning is already impacting the digital marketing field. The important aspect is to understand machine learning in digital marketing. There are implications like content and online channels, through which digital marketers are able to understand their target audience better. Here are a few examples that will make it crystal clear as to how ML can make its way into your digital marketing strategy:


It is a professional social media channel that focuses on Audience relevance, Compelling content and triggering a response. ML tools will help digital marketers to uncover and understand this data more clearly.

Pay per click campaigns:

Those days are way over when digital marketers were trying to analyze the data on their own for their pay-per-click campaigns. PPC campaigns can level- up by the introduction of ML tools.

Search engine Optimization:

SEO or Search engine optimization, is still a major role player in your digital marketing strategy, as it is a cost-free way of increasing the rank of your website on SERP. But as it is known that SEO algorithms change on different search platforms, thanks to AI and Machine learning tools that now more specific keywords can be used in the content of your website for better SEO.

Hence it is concluded that Machine Learning must be introduced into your Digital Marketing strategy.

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