Which is the Best Language for Real-Time Web Applications?

Enterprises have witnessed a huge shift from legacy software to agile and technologically advanced applications to meet the growing needs of the modern business environment. It allows web developers to pick the most suitable tools for efficient development. For digital transformation, businesses are implying cloud-native practices and now prefer multi-cloud strategies. It helps meet the tech-inclined demands of the business.

Web app development companies are now using a multi-lingual approach for better velocity, high flexibility, and interoperation when it comes to the development language. Thus, enterprises are looking to hire multi-lingual developers for a full-fledged talent showcase. This ends up the enterprise with the right app to fulfill its goals and objectives. 

As we get into the top programming languages for enterprise app development, it is important to take note that there is consistency among the popular languages. There is no sudden shift in demand or use of a specific programming language, neither by Mobile app development services nor the business industry.

Here, we are going to list down the top 7 programming languages for enterprise app development:

  1.   JavaScript

JavaScript and Python are always in close competition. Over the past few years, JavaScript has maintained its position at the top when it comes to enterprise app development. Enterprises are now looking for more front-end web development services to redesign their apps.

JavaScript works with both HTML and CSS to offer interactive applications. With versatile functionality, it has become the go-to language for enterprise app development for most web development companies.

Meanwhile, all the other programming languages have remained steady. It shows that the demand for web development services is still rising, especially with the introduction of cloud-native practices.

  1.   Python

Python has always been the most versatile programming language. It is simply best for application development. It comes with the simplest scripts and links to the database with great ease. With Python, you can develop pretty much anything you want to. Python’s best thing is that it can create a neural network for AI, which is something large enterprises are considering now.

Its huge standard library and its compatibility with major systems make it come in handy for enterprise app developers. Also, its easy syntax makes reading and redesigning quite easier.

One thing you need to know here is that web developers have progressed to Python 3 as Python has been recently discontinued in 2020. 

  1.   Java

Java holds up its standards of writing once and works everywhere. This makes it the best programming language for enterprises that want to ensure a consistent and top-notch user experience. Despite the operating system, Java programs run over wide networks.

Java differs from JavaScript, which is mainly a front-end programming language. However, it shares a similar syntax.

  1.   C++

C++, despite being a beginner’s programming language, makes it into the list of the top 7 programming languages for enterprise app development. It is also known as the benchmark language, as it allows object-oriented development.

  1.   C#

If you are looking for a sole enterprise language, C# is the answer. It is technically more complicated than C++ and other languages in the C family. It comes as a high-level language, and so, most web developers use C# for enterprise app development. It compiles to the byte code and not the Assembly.

However, you need to know that C# works best for internal business applications. If you want a traditional app for your enterprise, C# is the best option. But, if you are looking for cloud-based services and web apps, JavaScript and Python are the ones to consider.

  1.   PHP

PHP ranks 6th position in top programming languages for enterprise app development. It can easily fetch data out of the database. It allows direct embedding into HTML for web app development.

As PHP is an open-source language, it is continually evolving and improving. However, it is still low in demand. Maybe we see its surge in years to come.

  1.   Perl

Last but not least, Perl is another great programming language that has evolved over the years. Initially, it was only used for manipulating text, but now, its scope has increased to web applications, web development, and network administration. It is an efficient language and creates programs quickly. Thus, it is best to use it when an enterprise needs to see if a certain concept works.




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