UI trends in 2021

Here are some UI trends in 2021:

  1. 3D Illustrations (yeah, still!)

3D imagery is here to stay — especially when it’s getting easier and easier for regular UI designers to actually create something in 3D! (try the 3D tool called Spline — currently in beta, but so amazing and easy to use!).

3D is also being widely used in full-screen animations, as the main key visuals — take a look at Superlist or see an amazing 3D tutorial by Minh Pham on how to create a stunning 3D background for your website.

  1. Glassmorphism

Have you heard about the newest craze called glassmorphism? (that’s right, neuomorphism is no longer cool). It’s the newest trend in UI, which is mostly based on an effect called background blur, and it basically creates that “through the glass” look and feel on elements.

It was introduced in Windows Vista, then later in iOS7, but it seems it’s here to stay for a bit in the new, refreshed form! If you want to take a closer look at glassmorphism, try this Glassmorphism Generator online tool and see Mike’s article about it:

Glassmorphism in user interfaces

Another year, another UI trend is becoming increasingly popular among designers. Do you know it yet?

UX design.cc

  1. Real-life pictures

I strongly predict that soon everybody will be tired of illustrations and 3D graphics in product design, so real-life photos will make a huge comeback.

As I wrote in one of my previous articles, illustrations might not be for everybody. And sometimes real people and real items can make a bigger impact on users. Ekokubki’s website is based on real-life photography and it looks great!

  1. Vivid colors

Everywhere I look, I can see colorful splashes on websites and mobile designs.

Take a look at Designcode.io, Sleepiest, and Design Talks! I love how colors create a magical, ethereal vibe there. And when we use vivid colors, it’s easier for us to differentiate and remember a product. Instagram knew that a long time ago (and that’s why the unforgettable change of their icon took place).

  1. Blurred, colorful backgrounds

Similar to the one above, but mixed with glassmorphism a bit… Thanks to the delicacy of this effect, I think it makes the UI look just pleasurable to look at. The designs that use blurred backgrounds look incredibly organic, warm, and welcoming.

Take a look at Stripe (also some glassmorphism there) and My Mind (an amazing, simple tool for self-organization).

  1. Aesthetic minimalism

Probably a trend I personally love the most. There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing, than a simple, minimal, and readable UI.

Websites like Revolut (also simple 3D), Sketch, and Goals (also blurred background) are the perfect example that you don’t need a fancy UI, or “wow effects” for your product to look absolutely astounding (sadly, not many clients understand that).

  1. Geometric structure

I’m seeing more and more designs that have a very tidy, conservative visual structure. It makes the information look really sorted out!

One of the most beautiful examples of the geometric structure of the interface is the Rituals website. Such a pleasure to use and look at (also, love the simple but enjoyable animations).

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