Top tools which can be used by the developers for mobile game app development

The mobile game industry is continuously growing as the customer’s engagement towards the applications is also increasing at the same time. These days we don’t just utilize our mobile phones for the activities like messaging or for the latest news but also for the means of entertainment. On account of technology advancement in the industry and on a few platforms, the development and deployment of games in the application stores are truly admired by the game application developers and designers due to which it is quite popular among the developers and organizations. Also these days a huge number of people play with mobile phones and tablets due to which the mobile games app development can turn into a truly extraordinary business if properly executed only when it is appropriately executed.

Best tools of mobile game app development

  • Unity: Unity is one of the most powerful tools of the industry and also the extensively used game design software tool which permits the developers to develop 2D and 3D games for any platform which includes Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Facebook, Oculus Rift, PS4, XB1, and many other platforms. In order to use the unity then the developer should have a little knowledge about the C programming language, if the developer doesn’t know the C language then Unity also provides for the beginners if they are willing to dive on their own. While Unity upholds game plan resources made in 3Ds Max, Maya, Blender, and comparative programming, Unity's resource store likewise offers a noteworthy choice of great high-quality graphics, models, environment textures, and other free and available to be purchased things.
  • Unreal Engine: Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) is the new version of UDK (Unreal Development Kit). It is a new engine delivered by Epic Games. This game development kit accompanies tremendous choices for mobile, PC just as control center game turn of events and also console game development. UE4 includes dazzling graphical capacities like progressed dynamic lighting and another molecule framework that can deal with up to 1,000,000 particles in a scene at the same time. This is a positive treat for any 3D game engineer. The latest version of the unreal engine has come with new features as compared to the older ones. Unreal Engine uses C++ programming language which has completely replaced the UnrealScript language.
  • GameMaker Studio 2: GameMaker Studio is one of the best game design software kits for beginners which has amazing features which including an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for variables and game logic which implies that one can easily develop the game without knowing any code.
  • Corona SDK: Corona SDK is a cross-platform 2D game development kit that is used in the development of game applications for mobile platforms and also for Apple TV and Android TV. The Corona SDK utilizes Lua as a scripting language which is quite popular among the developers because of its short learning curve. It is also available for the Mac as well as for Windows operating systems. It accompanies more than 500 APIs for a span of functions from animations to systems administration. With real-time testing in Corona, you can undoubtedly ideate, code, and approve in one go. The additional major benefit of using Corona SDK for mobile game application development is its pricing which is quite budget-friendly. The basic version of Corona is free of cost, the enterprise solution price is $79/month and also the other version is of quite a high price i.e. $199/month. There is one major drawback of this development kit is that it can be only used for 2D game development.
  • Marmalade SDK: This is one of the best options for mobile game app development if you are looking for developing a game for mobile phones and also for desktops. The Marmalade software development kit uses the C++ programming language as well as it allows you to develop interesting graphics. With the help of Marmalade SDK, you will be able to develop new and fascinating 2D and 3D designs for your android game applications. In this development kit, you are free to utilize the different libraries, codes, and tools which will be needed for your help.
  • Clickteam Fusion: This is one of the best tools for developing event-based game applications. This provides the best and easy-to-use interface. This interface will make you develop a game with the best graphics. If you are using this development kit then you don’t need to worry about the coding skills as a beginner you can also use this development kit for game development. Fusion has a large variety of graphics that you can use for game application development. This tool helps you in both 2D as well as 3D games application.
  • Construct 2: Construct 2 is one of the nicest tools for Android Game App Development and also helps in creating 2D games. It uses HTML5 for 2D Android game application development. It is actually quite simple to utilize this tool, because of less prerequisite of the coding part. This tool assists you with creating satisfying and engaging games in a short period of time. This tool has something extraordinary; that is, it permits you to trade your venture on numerous multiple platforms. Accordingly, this thing will let your game dispatch on a wide range of devices at the same time.