The future of Healthcare is on- demand Doctor's App

Doctor's application has been in trend nowadays and also, in the past few years. These applications have changed the landscape of the healthcare industry. They definitely have not only prompted users to install these apps on their smartphones but have also encouraged many doctors and medical organizations to invest in Doctor On-demand app development. For clear evidence, as per a 2019 survey of 800 physicians, the adoption of telehealth solutions at clinics has risen by 340%, while 79% of the surveyed patients have shared positive feedback about these apps in another survey.

Mesmerized with the above-mentioned numbers, if you are a doctor or healthcare provider who wishes to enter this market segment but, at the same time, wants to take the decision smartly then definitely you’ve landed at the right place.

Reasons to get an on-demand healthcare app developed:

1. More convenient

A remote doctor consulting application, lets patients connect with reputed doctors in real-time. This delivers them with the convenience of getting the right consultation, prescription, and healthcare services with a few taps on their smartphone screens.

2.  Improved patient outcomes are experienced

A mobile application also gives patients an escape from visiting clinics and hospitals for follow-ups, having medications, missing appointments, or asking about prescriptions again and again, especially during this coronavirus pandemic situation it is the best way to consult a doctor or treat a patient.

This also reduces the number of appointments and related tasks and lets doctors provide better assistance to all the patients in real-time in the form of a call or message, which eventually improves their experience level and outcomes.

3.  Reduced paperwork for hassle-free consultation

The prime advantage of Doctor on-demand platforms is that they let both healthcare providers and patients keep a record of all the details on their mobile. This finally cuts down the time and hassle associated with maintaining in-office administrative paperwork.

4.  Lower hospital visits

This on-demand healthcare app has ultimately reduced the number of hospital readmissions and visits without affecting the quality of the services offered by the doctors.

5.  Cheaper Services as compared to the old way of treatment

As the healthcare services are made convenient and available in real-time, while it is observed that cutting down the costs associated with ER trips and hospital admissions, these apps have proven to make the healthcare services cheaper and accessible to all.

So what are you waiting for? Get an on-demand healthcare application developed by the best mobile app developers in town that is Frantic Infotech.

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