#Programming is like learning a musical instrument, You may know how to play it but regular practice is what makes you perfect.

We live in a #technology driven generation, with different types of software and mobile apps in trend. Programming is the first step towards a mobile app development strategy, it's the base of your #mobile app, which must be strong.

Metaphorically speaking when someone gets an idea of learning a new instrument, the first and foremost step is to buy the instrument. Hence programming is referred to be the "instrument" in #app #development.

3 steps that explains why strong #programming is an important aspect in #mobile app development:

  1. To avoid bugs, strong programming is a must.  

#mobile app development is not as simple as it seems to be, problems will arise in the programming, therefore you may know the codes but how to resolve problems is the trick towards successful app development.

  1. Successful output when making #application go live.

Strong and Clean programming is the base of any successful app development strategy. Hence it is necessary to practice it like a sport, as practice makes a man or "programmer" perfect.

  1. Weak code results in weak app development.

#Programming code has the power to determine the future of your application. The stronger it is the more successful your #application turns out to be.