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What is Online Learning? 

Online learning is the form of education that takes place over the Internet. It is also known as “e-learning” among other terms. Online learning is a type of “distance learning” – another term for any learning that takes place across distance and not in a traditional classroom.

Online learning is an advanced form of teaching, here the teachers can teach the student via the internet and the students can attend the lectures straight from their home.

Online learning is also referred to as internet learning or E-learning. It has taken the concept of learning on a new platform. There are so many applications on the internet where they provide E-learning or online learning to students. For example Vedantu, Byju’s, extra marks, etc.

Some tips on how to prepare for teaching online:

1. Plan the Classes.

2. Prepare and Master Technology.

3. Set Up an accurate Working Environment.

4. Innovative discussions.

5. Communicate on regular basis.

6. Motivate Students.

7. Ask for feedback.


There are many advantages of E-learning or online learning, some of them are listed below:

  • Anyone can learn: Online learning has made learning so easy, anyone of any age can learn and study.
  • Comfort: Students can learn in the comfort of their homes. Online learning eliminates the gathering of students and teachers under a roof.
  • Time-saving: Online learning eliminates the time required in traveling helping in saving the time of both students and the teachers. 
  • Cost-efficient: The distance learning programs are cost-efficient and are cheaper in comparison to traditional classroom learning.
  • Multiple ways to communicate with your professors: The flexibility to communicate with the professors and with the students is one of the major advantages of online learning.
  •  Customization of the learning environment: The students as well have the teachers can choose the place where they want to continue the class/lecture.
  • Can repeat the lectures: This is one of the best advantages of online learning, the students can repeat or download the lectures or study materials and study them. 

The online learning applications:

Online learning applications provide a great platform for teachers who want to work from their preferred working environment. The applications for online learning provide flexibility to the tutor to work from home in their comfortable place. 


  1. Provides a source of income.
  2. Flexibility to work.
  3. Efficiency.
  4. Saves time.
  5. Helps in creating goodwill. 
  6. Recognizing throughout the nation/world.
  7. Provides a wide range of new opportunities.  

Applications like BYJU’S, Vedantu, ExtraMARKS have become a new platform of learning and this platform is growing rapidly with every passing year.

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