Lawyer's Application: A new way of dealing legal cases

People nowadays are oriented towards technology and are more diverted towards online problem-solving solutions rather than offline solutions. Therefore legal matters solved online can be very helpful for both lawyers and their clients.

In the present times, we have come to a point where we need our smartphones continuously for random purposes throughout the day. It has become such an integral part of our lives that a minute away from it makes us feel like a caveman stuck in a room full of unknown people and we are clueless about what to do in real-time. The reason for such a situation is the introduction of applications in android mobiles that could single-handedly play the role of multiple devices at the same time. Android Applications or simple Apps are used not only for commercial purposes but also for professional needs.
The legal profession is no exception to this utter need for apps in our daily lives. One such Application for lawyers developed amazingly by Frantic Infotech is Legizzy.


Legizzy is defined as an application for lawyers and obviously their clients. lawyers will be able to register all of their clients for whom they are working on the application and hence all the records for the hearing will be maintained safely there. Important notices will be notified to the client by the lawyers through notifications options, that are updated by the concerned lawyer. It is also beneficial for the Clients as they can see different documents uploaded by the lawyer like challan etc. And then can download it.

One of the basic and most important traits of a lawyer is to know the law. With India’s numerous laws and statutes in place, it is a highly impossible task to remember all the sections of law when required. A mobile app will allow the user to quickly search the details of a specific section of any particular act by simply entering the section number. Also, it will allow lawyers to reach their clients easily.

So all the lawyers out there what are you waiting for? get a mobile application developed by Frantic Infotech today.

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