If your are thinking of starting you business then hire someone who knows how to a Create Contact form in Mobile Application ?

First, you know that what is the need for the contact form in any mobile application,

Every website needs a contact form because when our visitors came to your website and they have any query about your product or services then they will contact us easily by given Contact Form.

Below top three Reasons, why you give Contact form on your Website:-

  • Spam Protection – Spam bots regularly scroll in websites. When you put any email address on the website, you will start to receive a lot of spam emails. On another hand, when you use a contact form then you get some emails that have queries regarding your product or services.
  • Consistent Information or Proper IDs  – When users are emailing, people don’t always send you all the information that you need. With a contact form, you only take some information that you have given in that contact form.
  • Saves Time – when we use Contact forms in our app or website it helps you save time in more ways than you can imagine. Only Consistent Information has been shown on our server that will help for our business or services

Contact form into your website or any mobile application:-

There are two ways that you can add a contact form to your website 1st  you can add by Coding and 2nd by Plugin through WordPress.

Now we have to implement the app Form feature “by it own way or by hand “in the app, here some steps are given follow to this:-

  1. First, you create a custom app screen where you display the contact form
  2. handle the form submission in Javascript coding, (or any)
  3. Select some Contact information that you  need, you create that ( name, email  contact, etc..)
  4. After that when the customer or any user fill that form, we retrieve the sent form data on the server-side and process it, server send an email to the site admin “ you submitted your form” 

For Android applications Or IOS applications, we create a custom app screen for our contact form

Note: The contact form screen that we are going to create here is only specific to the app. It is not related to any WordPress plugin post or page. we don’t have to add components to your app to make it work. Here you do some changes in the application development process:-

  1. We need to change the theme, everything handles directly in your app theme (wp-content/themes-wp-app kit/[your-app-theme]).
  2.  Some Changes in the template by adding a new “contact.html” template to their app theme, where we define the HTML for the contact form
  3. This contact form has a first nameLastnameemail,  phone, and message fields. Of course, you can remove or add fields according to your needs.

When we add this new contact  screen to the Application

We create a js/forms.js file where we will handle the Javascript logic for the form.

Then you tell an app to you have a Contact Form “New Contact Screen”

and finally, we added our new contact screen to the App’s menu so that we can access it easily.

Second, we have a website so then we add a plugin through WordPress and then we process on in for Mobile Application.

You add a Plugin called Contact 7 or any contact form in your WordPress then you active that Plugin for your website (you add your field information)

Steps for adding plugin in WordPress to Contact Form in Website:-

  1. Search any contact form or choose the best contact form for your website
  2. Install Contact Form into your WordPress
  3. Create Contact form in WordPress
  4. Add new, name it “contact form” or “ contact us”
  5. You can click on the fields to edit them. Use drag and drop the field order. (name, email, Description, etc…)
  6. Then add the WordPress contact form to your page (Simply click on the add new block button to look for WPForm and then click to add it to your page.

Therefore hire us, and be amazed by our mobile app development services for your business.