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There are almost 350 million people around the world who practice Yoga every day, according to sources. Just imagine that you are a Yoga instructor and how much you can earn through the above-mentioned data. As modern technology, has made it easy for people to access their hobbies through their smartphones.

According to data, in the last few months due to the coronavirus pandemic, the queries regarding yoga, workout, and meditation have increased by 65%. Frantic Infotech brings an amazing idea for all the yoga instructors worldwide, to earn a profit, and establish their own business through yoga apps. 

Why do people perform yoga, and how can a mobile yoga app help them?

As everyone is already aware of the current coronavirus pandemic situations prevailing in the world, boosting your immunity is a necessity, hence yoga is the answer to all the questions. Yoga brings physical and psychological benefits both at the same time. Hence yoga tutorials are very famous on social media nowadays. Turn it into a business and experience profits, as well as recognition into the market. Yoga mobile apps will help people to carry on with their regular yoga regime without stepping out of their homes. 

Target Audience for a yoga app

 There are three types of yoga and the target audience for a yoga app depends on this particular factor. The three major types of yoga are: 

1. Ashtanga Vinyasa. Especially popular with teenagers because of its similarity to aerobic workouts. There are nine vinyasas (dynamic asanas using a special breathing technique) that flow one after another without stopping, with repetitions.

2. Iyengar. The purpose of these classes is to heal after injuries with the help of certain asanas (the original teacher himself had poor health as a child). The inventor of this method of yoga came up with exercises to help those for whom even simple asanas may seem difficult: pregnant women, elderly and sick people, and children.

3. Jivamukti. This is yoga with new vinyasas that look like a dance. There is also a divine component, reading sacred texts, singing mantras, meditation, and vegetarianism. 

Examples of some most popular and successful yoga apps 

Here are listed certain examples of successful custom gym, yoga, and fitness apps:

  • Yoga Studio- This is a paid application that contains comprehensive lessons of different difficulty levels, practice yoga without access to the internet.
  • Yoga Poses-  This is a free application for those who are new to yoga and have just started practicing yoga. 
  • Yoga Nidra: Sacred Sleep- It is an app designed for those who have problems with sleep, and the programs contained in the application help users to gradually improve their sleep.
  • Five Minute Yoga Workouts-  This app is the perfect solution for those who have little time. Five-minute lessons will help you quickly recuperate and get in the right mood.
  • Asana Rebel-  This application is one of the most popular yoga solutions on the market. 

How to earn money through Yoga apps?

Yoga apps can be a good business idea especially at this time when the world is attacked by the coronavirus. People are locked at their homes, no gyms or yoga centers are open, or if they are then it is not safe out there. Hence yoga apps will create a trend amongst people, and the more people will stream videos on it, or take live sessions or get into a live chat with the yoga instructors the more your business will grow, and the more you will earn a profit.

So what are you waiting for get your own yoga application developed today by one of the most renowned mobile app development companies in India; Frantic Infotech.

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