How much does it cost to maintain a mobile application after its development?

After a lot of hard work put into the development of an application, when it goes live after several months gives an amazing and satisfying feeling. However, if you are under an impression that work has been completed with application development, making apps live in the app store or play store, and doing marketing them you are absolutely wrong.

After getting a mobile app successfully built, you must maintain it. And app maintenance can cost you. Moreover, inadequate app maintenance can be a reason behind an app failure. 

Necessity Of Application Maintenance

Focusing on app maintenance will 100% be beneficial n the long run. It has been proven that increasing the app retention rates by 5% can increase the profit of an organization by anywhere between 25% and 95%. For surviving in-app store or play store it is important to maintain an application after its development.

Things such as performance requirements, changes in its design, new device launches, new operating system launches are some of the points that generate the purpose for having an app maintenance strategy before you think of starting the development process. So, be informed that no matter how much effort you put into the application development process, it is necessary to maintain the application as well.

Factors That are necessary to be considered for Calculating Mobile App Maintenance

There are many examples online that will surely define your app development costs and strategies but very few examples are there to make you aware of the app maintenance process and its importance. 

Here are the top 3 factors that you must be considered for estimating mobile app maintenance costs:

  •  Team Spot development

Costs of app development are different in different countries across the globe. The USA has comparatively higher rates. The highest rates can be expected in Switzerland in Europe, whereas Eastern and Central Europe have one of the lowest rates. 

  • Software Complication that occurs during the development process

Your app maintenance costs will eventually increase if your app has more screens and features. If you get an app built with two separate native apps for Android and iOS, your maintenance could be more than using a cross-platform solution like react native app development.

The number of third-party integrations is another factor to give it a thought while analyzing costs. If your app is connected with external services like social media, or payment platforms, you can anticipate more maintenance costs in all aspects.

  • Design or UI/UX of the App

To keep affordable maintenance costs, you must hire experienced software designers to build a good UI/UX application, as If your app design is not good, it can cost you more maintenance expenses in the long run.

How Much Does It Cost For Maintenaing Your App?

One must be ready before going for building an app. The app maintenance cost varies from app to app and from the type of apps and their features. On average, it can cost you nearly 20% of your actual expenses of mobile app development.
Things to keep in mind while Considering Application Maintenance Costs

Here are some factors that you should remember while acknowledging the expenses of maintaining an application:

  • Analytics

Tools offered by Google like Google Analytics offers a lot of data to help you make the right decision and get reports that give you answers. Free tools are available but advanced tools give more information, so choose what is best,

It’s also the expense in time as you will require somebody for spending time applying this and checking everything.

Analytics is also essential for performance problems like glitches, crashes, and other bugs.

  • Hosting

One must require paying the database and backend of your app hosted for it to perform well. Many hosting options are there like a cloud-based environment. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is also one of the cloud services that will cost less than others as you just pay for usage and there will be less setup and maintenance expense of the server, which will definitely reduce the maintenance cost of the app.

  • Third-party

When one uses something in the app that is coming from somebody else, you will need to pay for it monthly. For example, you will need to pay for a licensed technology that you utilize from a third party.

  • Bugs and Updates

Updates are important with every technology. Every app gets updated versions. Simply open the store and check the description, you will find the required updates there. These updates’ costs rely on many factors.

  • Marketing strategies

You need user engagement and marketing functions to get and retain users. Many free things are there to do, but paying a bit can get your name out there.

  • App Security is a must

Ensuring your app security is another essential maintenance cost you must budget for beforehand and must be aware of. You need to consider two areas – legally-imposed changes and ongoing security optimization. To ensure sensitive user data is not in danger, developers will be requiring tracking of all privacy update or changes of the third-party integrations.

Leaving any update unidentified could bring a severe security violation. 

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