Gyms are closed!! Worried about your fitness and nutrition during this coronavirus pandemic?

Fitness Made easy with mobile app development services, as it brings for you a workout and nutrition planner app, that enables you to maintain your body fitness and keep track of your nutrition in just one click.

Fitness and nutrition app:

The mobile app development industry has advanced itself to the core of technology, any problem can be solved through apps and hence once again apps have come to the rescue during this lockdown phase. Safety against the virus is the priority but to boost your immunity it is essential to exercise and follow a nutritious diet. Compromising fitness is not an option anymore. Get your own Fitness and nutrition app or login into one, this will help you to:

  • Keep track of your exercise time
  • Maintain a nutrition chart
  • Follow exercise routine
  • Get in touch online with the nutrition specialists near you.

So what are you waiting for, this lockdown is not going to end so soon. It is a long fight against coronavirus. So stop compromising on your health. Get a Fitness and Nutrition app developed by the best Mobile app development company in town. Contact Frantic infotech now.

Nowadays fitness has become the top priority of people. At earlier times staying fit and on-trend was tougher because people find difficulty in finding fitness coaches with whom they enjoy working out. But now it is not that difficult to find fitness trainers people can easily google it or they can use fitness apps for finding one. This generation is of a digital era due to which the fitness industry has undergone a full digital transformation makeover as well. From that point, health and fitness application advancement have denoted an assortment of approaches, from developing healthy diets to weight loss exercises with just one tap on their cell phones. The creative health and fitness apps are at a boom from 2014.
According to the latest information, there are 37,143 applications are available on the Google play store and many are still in the designing process while apple has introduced Healthkit during the launch of iOS 8. Both Google and Apple are doing their best in order to serve their clients with advanced platforms.

Classification of Fitness Apps

Mainly the fitness apps are classified into three categories Activity tracking apps, Nutrition apps, and Workout apps.

  • Activity tracking app: Normally these types of applications are used by athletes or sportspeople. These applications consist of many optical sensors for calculating the total number of steps walked and calories burned. These applications also consist of functions like tracking sleep, assessing your sleep quality, and also the user can set a digital alarm in that.
  • Nutrition Apps: Nutrition apps calculate the height, weight, calories, etc. so that people can maintain their healthy diet lifestyle. These applications also detect daily coffee consumption and body fat content.
  • Workout Apps: Workout mobile applications provide information of exercises to the user which they are required to do. Also, these applications guide the users on how to exercise properly. Logbook app, personal trainer apps, and fitness device pairing applications are the perfect examples of workout applications.
    Fitness coach applications offer a bunch of customized practices by empowering the client to pick the trouble level and the sort of activities that they like the most. Logbook applications are utilized to follow practice progress or ailment changes. On the off chance that you utilize a wellness wristband or smartwatch, you can get all your wellbeing information directly over your cell phone on account of the hearty wellness highlights.

Features to include in Fitness app

  • User Personalization: This feature is responsible for gathering information about users like height, weight, gender, and training goals. This information will be used for deciding the best suitable exercises and diet plan of the user.
  • Synchronization with other devices: To foster a wellness application, you should give specific consideration to synchronization. Your application needs to rapidly and effectively match up with different projects and wearable gadgets. That will assist clients with following their measurements and progress all the more without any problem. You can likewise work out the chance of utilizing your application on cell phones as well as on a PC. That permits clients to see different exercises from a work area. Such progressed usefulness will draw in a huge number of clients to your application, and will extraordinarily build the pay and notoriety of the company.
  • Goal Setting: This feature is one of the most important features of fitness apps because many users use such programs in order to achieve their fitness goals. Your application should be able to set goals related to sports and nutrition.


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