Guide to Android UI Design

UI design plays a key role in android user interface design, UI design is important as it decides the look and feel of your app and how users will judge according to design. These parts should be customized properly in order to provide easy usability to users, which will help them retain your page or website. App developers that focus on Android UI development, will always choose the appropriate tools for them that will make their work look great for end-users. It takes lots of skills to design a good mobile app using the right UI design techniques.  

UI design in Android will always be different from those of desktop, for smaller touch screens it requires different design elements.  

Patterns to follow for good Android UI Design of your mobile app: 

Android UI Design Pattern

List and detail: As the name suggests, the present data is in a list format, and when it is clicked the detailed information regarding it opens to a new screen with more details. It is the most common pattern that is seen almost in every application, and this pattern is considered to be ideal for fast navigation through objects.   

Action Bar: Now known as App Bar is a consistent navigation element that is superior throughout modern Android applications.  

  • App Icon- This shows the identity of your app, placed at the top of the page, you can replace it with another logo, the app icon is very important for every app or website as it shows the identity of any page.  
  • View control- Switching views according to your convenience.  
  • Action Buttons- These buttons perform actions like jumping to another page, or playing a sound.   
  • Action overflow- It is pinned to the right side, and provides access to apps less frequently used actions.  

Confirming and acknowledging: Whenever a user invokes any action on your app, it should be confirmed or acknowledged through a dialog box.  

Confirming users for any action they have performed by verifying whether they want to perform the function or not.  

Acknowledging is a toast to knowing the action user performed is completed or not.  

Maps: If your app is made to show locations, navigation, or traveling, then the map is perfect for your users. Then google map emerges as the best option followed by Waze and Uber.   

Android Wear: Works with a system of cards and action buttons that clients can swipe between by utilizing a GridViewPager. You can likewise keep on utilizing the list and detail pattern however, list things should be bigger and snap into position so clients can get to them easily.   

Android UI Design Tools 

Does the question arise how to design UI for Android app? There is a number of tools to develop the best UI for Android. Ahead we will discuss some trending tolls for Android App to provide better UI for users.  

UX Pin  

It is a product design that can be used to present different wireframes and prototypes. One can generate great UI design in android with this tool, there are many interface components and parts that you can use with an intuitive framework associated with Photoshop. Thusly you will protect the design layers and will improve on the work process.  


This POP app is helpful and if you are looking for a functioning prototype that is viable with the Android gadget that you have your search can stop. It is one of the most mind-blowing applications to use in mobile prototyping to make the progress from paper to digital prototyping extremely simple.  

You should simply take photos of the sketches you make and transfer them to POP. Whenever this is done you can move between views, motions, and interactions. POP is likewise coordinated with Dropbox so without a doubt, you will actually want to impart your work to the remainder of your team.  


As a brand-new collaboration and hand-off device, iDoc has amazing modules that help to import records from Photoshop, Adobe XD, and Sketch. With the assistance of modules, iDoc is feasible to create specs and resources consequently for UI designer’s utilization. To make the static plan records into intuitive and vivified models, simply transfer your documents into iDoc's model module.  

Focused on as a coordinated effort device, you can welcome various colleagues to participate together for more viable and smooth cooperation. It's an incredible new tool to save your time.  


Origami was first evolved by Facebook to assist groups with designing items. This prototyping tool is likewise ideal for Android UI plan thoughts since you can even review mock-ups live on your mobile progressively.  

We can likewise show the plans in introductions on the full screen. Photoshop plans can be brought into the program and all the task layers will be protected and are fit to be changed by your requirements.  

Icon Jar   

Icon jar supports SVG/PNG/GIF icon formats and features search and batch rename/label function. By using the drag-and-drop system you can “Set” different combinations to manage the classification of the icon. Icon jar consists of a detailed classification of icons, which contain a material design that is crucial to Android UI design style.