Event Management at it Best with an Event Management Application, Know-How?

Event management applications are as important as any other app that we develop and hence we focus more on event management app development.

Some of the features that are incorporated by us into an event management app are as follows:

User sign up

The very first thing in the app is the user sign up and register feature. To make this user registration process more convenient, consider registration to your app via their social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. In this particular and easy-to-use way, your app users can share events with their friends on social media accounts and bring more users to your app. 

User profile Updation

When the user has successfully registered in the application he/she should fill in their profile with preference to events, favorite music genres, and bands so your app can provide more personalized event recommendations. 

Event feed for awareness

After the process of profile building and updating, the user has provided your app with preferences, therefore they will receive a more personalized event feed based on their interests. To build custom feeds you can use ready-made feed APIs, including getting stream, CivicFeed to personalize, and rank information about upcoming events. 

Event search by category 

For easy app navigation for the user, your app should include event categories, such as conferences, movies, concerts, and other event types. Hence to make the event search even more convenient for your users, you can use such filters as time, date, location, etc. 


Once the user chooses the particular category of the event, the app user should have the option of buying a ticket via your app. To integrate an in-app payment gateway, choose among Stripe, PayPal, or Braintree third-party services that provide a handy software development kit (SDK). 


Once the user has paid for a ticket, the app should send the ticket to the user's email or generate a ticket in the user's profile. It is observed that in many cases, event apps create digital tickets in the form of QR codes, so app users don't need to print the ticket, which makes your app even more user-friendly. 

Push notifications

Push notifications are used to remind app users about an upcoming event, the app should send a push notification with the event date, address, and amount of tickets available. At The APP Solutions, we use the Apple Push Notification service (APNs) and Firebase Cloud Messaging to integrate push notifications into a mobile app

By focusing on all the above-mentioned features, we at Frantic Infotech develop amazing user-friendly event management applications for your benefit and business growth, Choose us because you deserve the best.

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