Choose the best App developers at affordable rates.

So it is definitely hard, come up with a great app idea, but it is not as hard as finding a great app development team especially at affordable rates. As estimated there are 23 million people working as desktop, web, and mobile app developers worldwide, and choosing the best from them is the real challenge. The consequences of choosing one of them without putting too much thought into it, you’ll harm your business. So here are the two most important steps to focus on if you are thinking of getting a mobile app developed.

Step 1. Defining your business needs

Before you start the process of searching developers, ask yourself the below, mentioned few questions.

What specific challenge I must resolve first?

There can be 3 situations based on this question:

  1. You already have an in-house team but need more experienced developers. Depending on the scope of the project, you can hire an in-house professional, a freelancer, or a developer through an agency. The project may involve mobile application development or web app development.
  2. You are looking to implement the technology you’ve never used before or are new in the market. For example, developing an application on react native framework, then either you can wait till your developers learn React, or hire a new developer from another company. 
  3. You want to develop a project from scratch which means you want an application either for your own business venture or you want an app for one of your clients. This is common for both start-ups and existing businesses

Should I outsource development or hire an in-house team?

Most business owners want to release a new app quickly and without much investment, but is this possible? Also, this app should be of the highest quality fulfilling all the clients’ expectations. So let’s compare to analyze both the scenarios.

In-house team

An in-house team is defined as a group of developers that work with you in the same office. More specifically they are In-house employees that provide the following advantages:

  1. A deep understanding of your product, your company, and your corporate culture;
  2. Easy communication and fast responses to your inquiries;

But this option has several disadvantages:

  1. You need to pay developers a full-time salary, meaning that you pay them even if they have no tasks or take vacations or sick days.
  2. You need to take care of equipment, workspaces, office supplies, and so on.
  3. When hiring an in-house team, your list of candidates is restricted to the specialists living in your city or willing to relocate.
  4. An on-site team cannot guarantee effective work and a quick response to your inquiries. Setting up business processes is as crucial as hiring experienced specialists. So if you want to meet deadlines and get a product that meets your expectations, you should also hire someone to manage development. That means hiring additional employees and increasing spending.  

Outsourced development

While companies were skeptical about outsourcing in the past, nowadays it’s common practice in the business world. When outsourcing, you have work done by another company or an independent contractor. 

The main advantages of this approach are the following:

  1. When outsourcing, you can hire top coders from all over the world, so recruiting will take less time.
  2. You can quickly add team members and replace developers, giving you flexibility and enabling you to start development quickly.
  3. You pay only for time when developers work on your project and don’t need to spend money on costly equipment and office space.
  4. You can hire skilled developers and professionals with experience in the domain, leading to the high quality of your final product. 

Step 2: Hire the best app developers, as you deserve the best!

After carefully analyzing, it’s time to make up your mind and choose the best of all mobile app developers. You deserve the best so here is a bit of final advice for you:

  1. You must write down all your findings. Sometimes, the list can be very long, so it’s hard to keep everything in mind.
  2. Don’t jump to conclusions; clarify controversial points with your potential developers. Ask as many questions as needed to define whether the company you are choosing can solve your business problems or not.

We hope this article helped you in choosing the best app developers for your business.