Building an App like Google Classroom, based on Learning Management system

The particular article is based upon a Learning management system and how it is developed, and why it is needed.

This world right now needs the learning management system more than ever.
As this coronavirus pandemic, leading to a series of lockdowns, being quarantined is the new norm, social distancing is not an option anymore, and hence this is affecting the workplaces, schools, and colleges the most. Internet is full of ideas like how to practice social distancing, why should we follow it? How to take extra care of yourself and your loved ones, but no solutions are been provided.

The best solution to this is providing online classes, training, and internships, this is where learning management systems come into action. LMS software is undoubtedly not a new thing in the market, and in the world of technology but this is the appropriate time for this to come into the limelight.

Types of learning management systems (LMS):

1. Full-time distance learning systems
2. Systems that store materials for teachers and students in between the meeting

Steps and features of how to build a Learning management system include:

1. Software
2. Courses
3. Documentation
4. Tracking
5. System
6. Education
7. Management
8. E-learning

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