Brief About segmented health app types

All healthcare applications are often divided into two categories: professional apps and healthcare apps for patients.

Professional Healthcare Apps:

  1. Medical reference & database apps
  2. Professional networking apps
  3. Patient medical health tracking apps
  4. Doctor appointment & clinical assistance apps
  5. Telehealth mobile apps (doctor-on-demand apps)

Mobile Health Apps for Patients:

  1. Patient medical education app
  2. Reminder apps
  3. Diagnosis apps for preventive purposes
  4. Healthy lifestyle apps
  5. Monitoring apps for chronic conditions
  6. Mental health apps
  7. Dieting apps
  8. Women’s health apps


Detailed Process of Healthcare Mobile App Development

Step 1: Identify a Problem

Step 2: Get to Know your TA:

75% of the US hospitals attempted to offer the healthcare app without preliminary analysis of its target user; in reality, only 2% of all the patients used the service.

Step 3: Start with MVP Healthcare App:

The best approach to start any healthcare project is to start with, maybe a minimum viable product. MVP in healthcare app development is building a prototype with the foremost viable functionality.

Step 4: Test & Receive Feedback:

The main purpose of MVP app development is to check the concept. With the results at hand, you'll add the required functionality to your MVP, avoid errors on an outsized scale, or completely change your MVP concept.

Step 5: Security & Privacy:

All the mHealth apps handling personal patient information need to meet HIPAA guidelines. Privacy policy to be checked by consumers & precise attention should be paid to correct work regarding push notifications and messaging within the app.

Step 6: Widespread Distribution:

Health apps that are solely for a selected group are often downloaded from a generated link. If a good audience goes to use an app inside a specific organization, it is sensible to make a personal enterprise app store.

Why Healthcare Apps Fail

  1. poor app usability
  2. development without concrete app concept & purpose
  3. mediocre understanding of the healthcare environment
  4. failure to use user-friendly content and language


Features for Healthcare Mobile App Development

Let’s now inspect the foremost common features included in healthcare apps:

  1. Tracking
  2. Scheduling
  3. Payment
  4. Appointments
  5. Social integration
  6. Photo gallery
  7. Reviews
  8. Analytics
  9. Prescriptions
  10. Access to EHR/EMR
  11. Notifications (push notifications)

Healthcare Mobile App Monetization

The majority of healthcare apps available on Google Play or App Store are freed from charge, but are monetized in one among a couple of ways, namely:

  1. via device or medicine sales
  2. advertisement
  3. subscription model
  4. in-app purchase model

Benefits of Healthcare App Development

  1. Electronic access to medical records, lab results, scans
  2. Monitor patient information
  3. Remote monitoring & data collection
  4. Manage schedules with various healthcare professionals
  5. Evaluate different doctors based on reviews, photos, records, etc.
  6. Get notifications about scheduled appointments
  7. book, reschedule, cancel a doctor appointment easily
  8. Receive reminders for medicine & drug prescriptions
  9. Keep in touch with your doctor and clinic personnel
  10. Easier communication for doctors and patients
  11. access to a specific, thematic health community
  12. Stay up-to-date with hospital events
  13. information about the hospitals, directions, and departments
  14. Possibility to get prompt medical aid via emergency calls
  15. Stay updated as to physical state and health vitals
  16. Used for better time management for both doctors & patients
  17. Receive useful news and information about the healthcare industry
  18. Get medical knowledge and better education
  19. Management of chronic diseases

If you have a healthcare app idea in mind, you are welcome to reach out to our team. We can run through your idea, offer our propositions, and prepare the proper healthcare solution.