Brief About Reasons To Choose Progressive Web Apps For Your eCommerce Business

So below mentioned are the reasons for getting a progressive on-demand mobile app developed:

  1. Almost Negligible Cost Of Development

If you are thinking of opting for progressive web app development services for your business, consider it would be an appropriate business decision, in terms of saving you the cost of the development. The development cost of progressive web apps is surprisingly negligible, considering it eliminates the mandatory requirement of different versions for numerous devices, as it can support the requirements of all endpoints responsible for its function. Apparently, developing PWA is considerably lower compared to native app development. And brands like Frantic Infotech can offer you PWA development services at an even more affordable and reduced price point, without development cost or coding.

  1. It Eliminates Third-Party Digital Distribution

If you want your target customers not to experience such a tedious process of installing an app so that your eCommerce business can flourish without their discomfort, choosing PWA is a wise decision approach. This app eliminates third-party digital distribution reservoirs which means, straightaway access to your business progressive web app, thus saving time and useless hassles for the users. Besides, the app can be added to the user’s smartphone’s home screen, it, therefore, puts the least burden on the phone’s spatial requirement for the app to operate.

  1. Seamless Offline Functionality

This attribute of progressive web apps trumps all the virtues, considering seamless offline functionality of PWA allows users to stay connected with your eCommerce business that can be used to improve engagement and retention rates. The beauty of this feature of PWA is it permits no dependence on the compromised networks, thus allowing users to eliminate the compulsion of network connection and enjoy the app more conveniently. This feature of PWA allows retailers to prevent customers from leaving their catalogs which in turn prompts the improvement of customer retention.

  1. Beautiful User-friendly Resemblance With Apps

It includes the following features of being more user-friendly, offline functionality, and attractive interface, progressive web apps also bear a beautiful resemblance to any native mobile app, thus offering users a better engagement experience. The blazing fast speed is another added feature of PWA allowing it to be a favorite app for users to browse products and services of your eCommerce business compared to visiting a website. Based on cutting-edge frameworks, tools and technologies embodied, progressive web apps ensure the user experience is boosted to the next level of satisfaction.


Progressive web apps with their chockfull of features endorse as to why they qualify as a powerful eCommerce business tool for your e-business, in terms of boosted engagement and retention of your target customers. You happen to reap the benefit of enhanced profits and revenue generation with the deployment of PWA in your eCommerce business. So, to ensure your business has the participation of a well-functional and intuitive progressive web app, hire our experienced team of developers and get a PWA developed loaded with cutting-edge features.