Blogging Application: A New Trend To Follow For Better Connectivity With The Audience



What Is A Blog?

A blog is a website containing one writer’s or a group of writers’ experiences, viewpoints, opinions, observations, thoughts, etc., and sometimes has pictures or links to other websites.

A blog/web blog is a discussion or informational website published on www ( world wide web ).

Blog writing is rapidly growing in today’s world and it is a good source of income for bloggers. Bloggers can select a particular topic and study it deeply and can express their views/thoughts/observations.

People can read their blogs on the websites and can take the information. Blogs are the study of a particular topic that is explained in a short and in easy understanding language.

Blog writing has become a profession these days. And many blog writers like Jeff Goins, Mary Jaksch, Carol tice have become successful in this profession.


Blogging can be defined as the process of writing a blog on an online journal i.e. on a website in which we share our thoughts and views about a particular topic/subject with our readers.

Blogging is the expression of our views, thoughts, ideas, etc. by which readers can understand the topic easily and can relate to the topics.


  • Helps in making money: Blogging can be a source of income generation.


  • Helps in connecting with the customers: blogging can help a business in connecting with its customers. Regular blogs can help a business in increasing its reach to customers.


  • Keeps clients up-to-date: Blogging can help in keeping the customers up-to-date about the goods and services provided by the company.


  • Blogging is flexible: blogging is flexible, which means blog writers can write a blog from their suitable place.


An application for blog writers can help in creating a different and much better platform for blogging. The application for bloggers or content writers can help in creating a particular brand and goodwill for each one of them. Applications like this are easy to use for both the service provider and the customers.

Advantages of the application for blogging:

  1. It Will help in creating a brand.
  2. It Will help in generating income.
  3. Easy to register.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. It Will help in better engagement.
  6. Customers can rate and review the bloggers.
  7. Customers can find bloggers of their style.



  • Design: The cost of the application is affected by its design and the format of the application. The apps with multiple features incur more costs as compared to the applications with basic features.


  • launching platform: The applications for the Android platform are usually 20-30% are expensive in comparison to the IOS platform.


  • Animation: The animation used in the application affects its cost. On the same point, it makes the app look more attractive and beautiful.


  • Manpower: The number of people required in developing the application affects the pricing of the application.


  • Features: The number of features that we want to add to our website affects the price of the application.


Blogging is probably the truest and most powerful means of expression there is in the digital space. But you need to be true to your readers and give them the best experience to get their love and praise.

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