A List Of best 10 popular food ordering apps in the USA?

The concept of eating out has changed from dining and stepping out of homes to online food delivery. Food delivery apps have brought major convenience in, enabling us to dine out from the comfort of our homes. As observed, with increasing food delivery apps in the USA, the food delivery market has been booming. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.9% by 2023.

  1. Grubhub

It is one of the foremost popular food delivery apps within the USA. Grubhub is present in over 1,100 cities and offers local food deliveries and restaurant takeaways from quite 50,000 restaurants. It ranks 5th within the most installed food delivery apps within the US. It enables users to look for his or her favorite cuisine and provides restaurant menus to order from, supporting the search. The app is liberal to download therefore some restaurants charge a delivery fee or deliver orders above a particular amount.

  1. Doordash

The most loved food delivery app within the US is Doordash. It is present in additional than 1200 cities within the US also as Canada. It is the foremost downloaded app within the US with over 7 million downloads within the second quarter of 2019. The app prides itself in offering the widest sort of restaurant chains and ver 110,000 menus. It allows users to rate restaurants based on factors such as popularity, delivery time, and customer reviews. The rating system helps customers find the simplest quality restaurants around their area. It also enables users to trace their food delivery in real-time. DoorDash doesn’t put a limit on the minimum order amount, however, it charges a high service charge sometimes which rises during peak hours.

  1. UberEats

UberEats ranks second on the foremost installed app within the US with over 4.5 million downloads within the second quarter of 2019. It covers quite 500 cities including l. a. and Chicago and is understood for its browsing-friendliness and usefulness. The app not only covers the large cities but also the countryside areas.

UberEats usually charges delivery fees of 10% with the minimum being $5 and provides discount codes for the favorite cafes of users. It provides deliveries from restaurants also as grocery stores.

  1. Postmates

A food delivery app that finds its use case isn't only delivering food but delivering anything from quite 10,000 retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.. Available in additional than 3,000 cities across all states of the USA. Postmates doesn’t partner with restaurants therefore the users are limited to ordering by their location.

Postmates charges a delivery fee for each order which rises during peak hours and is named Blitz pricing fees.

  1. Delivery.com

Almost like Postmates, this food delivery app is out there in additional than 100 cities within the US and facilitates users to order groceries, food, alcohol, or maybe cleaning services. The app doesn’t charge any fee from their side, however, there could also be a delivery charge involved from the restaurant’s side or a minimum order condition.

  1. Instacart

If you're trying to find grocery delivery within an equivalent day, Instacart is that the go-to app. All you would like maybe a grocery list and therefore the app, and everything is delivered to you within an hour. The delivery fee is about $6 for each order and therefore the app also offers a subscription that costs $150 for the entire year.

Instacart also delivers alcohol and other home items aside from groceries and even offers discount coupons to users, Instacart is one of the best delivery apps for doorstep delivery of groceries.

  1. GoPuff

Available in additional than 80 cities within the US, GoPuff is a smaller amount of a food delivery app and is more focused on delivering snacks, ice creams, drinks, phone chargers, and similar products to your doorstep. It is more of a digital shop with a robust presence within the Midwest and Southern cities of the US.

A delivery fee of $2 is charged which seems to be quite reasonable. An amazing feature of this app is that it also lets you preorder items to receive a fresh delivery at a particular time.

  1. ChowNow

ChowNow works in a relatively different way as compared with other food delivery apps. It offers restaurants digital tools to receive orders directly on the restaurant’s website while the purchasers order through the app. It allows customers to look for restaurants that supported their location or the sort of cuisine they need. ChowNow is out there in multiple cities across the US, including NY, LA, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Portland, Atlanta, Seattle, etc. The app charges fees from the restaurants therefore the delivery fee will depend upon the actual restaurant the order is formed from.

  1. Caviar

Available in additional than 20 locations within the US, Caviar is another food delivery apps within the USA that permit customers to order food from different restaurants. The app focuses on high-end restaurants and native restaurants.

The delivery fees charged by Caviar depend on the distance between the location and the restaurant, which can go up to 18% of the order. The app offers free delivery on the primary order, allows users to customize their orders, and provides an option for real-time tracking of the order.

  1. Seamless

Owned by GrubHub, Seamless provides a fast-food delivery with an easy ordering process and has been within the industry for about 20 years. The app focuses on major cities like NY and LA. Therefore, it's going to not be available in smaller cities. The app not only delivers food to the user’s place but also enables the user to require it out. To stay before the competition, the app also provides exciting discount codes for popular restaurants and cafes.