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Learning a new language has become a trend nowadays. The craze of learning a foreign language while being at home is growing continuously as different people globally want to learn different languages. Some of them seek effective ways of learning new languages, while others try to find the absolute solution by making education web and mobile platforms.

Top Features to Consider While Building a Language Learning App

The below-mentioned features will make it clear about the language learning app features:

1. Register/Log In: 

You need to maintain the authorization system to build a language learning app. A user needs to answer some questions like name, email, gender, and age; enter the password and it’s done! To ease the entire procedure, you can add the capacity of authorizing using social accounts.

2. User Profile:

To use a language learning app, users need to create accounts and fill out their profiles with data. Apps like Duolingo may ask for the following information:

  • Information is associated with the individual’s identity like photo, sex, and age.
  • A language to choose for studying
  • Setting up a daily target
  • Particularize the language level

3. The Learn Screen:

It’s a Dashboard that enables users to follow their achievements and incorporates tools for the learning procedure itself.

Learning procedure

When a user sets up a daily target, he needs to perform a specific number of exercises daily to get a fixed number of points. The user gets rewards by meeting tasks successfully and can use those reward points in the Shop.

Apps like Duolingo provide many types of lessons. You can add these lessons to make your language learning app interesting and exciting:

  • Translate of an audio phrase
  • Select the pair of languages
  • Choose the precise translation between some text options
  • Select the image
  • Choose the missing word
  • Prompts
  • Translate and Record
  • Compose a particular phrase from suggested words


The learning screen also allows users to check their accomplishments, such as:

  1. Gems (reward coins)
  2. Crowns
  3. Users’ progress

Profile & Settings

The personal user profile comprises all data regarding the user and permits him/her to check his/her progress in language training. The profile can be edited so the user can modify his/her data or settings whenever he/she needs it.

Benefits of Building a Language Learning App

  1. Learn Any Language
  2. Learn Anywhere, anytime
  3. Amazing User UInterface
  4. Various Kinds of Courses
  5. Enable Users to Track Their Progress
  6. Best Learning in Less Time

The reason why everybody would use your app for language learning is that they don’t have ample time for going to an institute for a regular course. Hence, your app must offer quality learning rapidly.

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